Silver Industrial school girls get along with the murderer more than 2 years of creepy noreply

Silver Industrial school girls: with the murderer – for more than 2 years along with hair standing on end Beijing Gansu rape murder solved tracking Gansu silver photography reports – kill the first Chengdu Daily reporter Luo Tian, 24 year old high Chengyong. When his first child was born in the eyes of the neighbors, he was quiet, like a school teacher. His father died before he even excrement urine to wait, "is very filial piety" – like under the mask, he brutally raped, killing more than ten innocent women Gao Chengyong? Crime archives May 26, 1988 88.5.26 case, Baiyin 23 old white female workers killed in a home, the victim neck was cut, jacket is pushed to the breasts, upper body naked, a total of 26 stab wounds". The 94.7.27 case in July 27, 1994, a female silver temporary power supply bureau danmou was killed in the dormitory, 19 years old when the victim, the victim neck was cut, a total of 36 body wounds". The 98.1.16 case in January 16, 1998 4 pm, victory Street Baiyin District No. 88-6, the 29 year old young woman Yang was killed in his home, the victim neck was cut, naked upper body, a total of 16 stab wounds, and the top of the head with flesh missing ears". The 98.1.19 case in January 19, 1998, who lives in Baiyin district water Chuan Road No. 6 young woman Dengmou killed at home, at the age of 27 when the victim, the victim "jacket is pushed to the breasts, trousers were stripped to his knees, stabbed in the neck cut, the upper body has cut 8". 98.7.30 case in July 30, 1998, silver power supply bureau employees have only 8 year old daughter Miao Miao (a pseudonym) was killed, the victim, the lower part of the body, the neck is a belt, perineum was torn and sperm detection". The 98.11.30 case in November 30, 1998, silver Choi young woman at home was murdered, the victim neck was cut, the upper 22 stab wounds, naked, breasts, hands and genitals missing". The 00.11.20 case in November 20, 2000, silver cotton factory workers Luo murder, the victim neck was cut, the lack of hands". The 01.5.22 case in May 22, 2001, Baiyin District No. 28-1-12 water Chuan Road 28 year old female nurse Zhang at home was murdered, the victim neck has 16 sharp injuries, and rape". The 02.2.09 case in February 9, 2002, Baiyin Taole Spring Hotel on the third floor of the long private client Zhu was murdered, the victim neck was cut, jacket is pushed to the breasts, naked, rape". …… Note: according to the Lanzhou morning news the morning of August 26th, at Gao Chengyong village Yuzhong County of Gansu Province, Lanzhou City, 52 year old youth town by a group of police in a canteen of Baiyin industrial school. At this point, the troubled people of silver for 28 years, "the 12"相关的主题文章: