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UnCategorized Are you aware that President Obama needs single mothers to go back to college? There has been a great deal of media coverage on this issue. Although most students can qualify for the federal stimulus package money that is available for school, the drive to get moms back into the classroom is of utmost importance. Here are a few reasons why single women with children need to go back to college. Stop trying to figure out how you’re going to increase your financial situation by taking on a third job. People all across our nation are troubled by the state of our economy. They are looking for bigger and better ways to locate funds to pay their everyday bills. One of the ways that you can do this in the long term is to find higher paying career. In order to do so you must get a college degree. To get a college degree, without paying for college, you must find a grant. College grads have been around for decades and they allow people to go back to college without having to pay a single dime out-of-pocket in order to earn a college education. There is enough work involved trying to keep up with all of the classes involved and depending upon your major although the extracurricular activities that you must endure to get that degree. What most people do not understand is that federal grants will pay for most of the first four years of your college education. Because the program has been increased to over $5400 per semester, this gives most people the ability to go forward and obtain the college classes that they need. The problem is that you must qualify for this funding. Most people that work full-time jobs will not be able to qualify. However, if you are a single mother and you have many dependents, even though you have a full-time job, most of the money that you are earning is going toward taking care of your family. It is amazing how much money it costs to raise a family. If you just consider the cost of your mortgage, the taxes on your property, the cost of food, insurance on your home, the cost of clothes for your children each and every year and sometimes every six months, you simply run out of funding by the time your next paycheck arrives. That is why most people have to jobs just to keep up with the ever-increasing rise of fuel costs and even the cost of putting food on the table. .pensating for all of this you must lose time. Sometimes that means time apart from your family where you have to hire a babysitter which then into your profits you are making out the job that you are leaving your family every night for. That is why it is in your best interest if you are a mom that is taking care of a family on your own to go back to school and earn a college education so that your hourly wage with a salary that you earn is increased to where you only have to work a regular eight hour day and still have time for your family. Do yourself a favor and start looking at the possibility of spending a few hours in the evening with an online class that will allow you to earn a college degree in a couple of years and achieve the dream career you have always wanted. It starts with making a decision to go back to school and then searching for the right grants to help you fund your free college education. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: