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South Korea on tea tea | hoon, stunning Gyeongju – Sohu tea tourism | Hoon ran one of a series of reports in South Korea the world tea culture exchange: tea rhyme and stunning graphic | old Hoon Qingzhou hair from South Korea and China, tea culture has a long history in South korea. As early as in the song and Yuan Dynasties, a comprehensive study of Korean traditional Chinese tea culture, gradually formed the Korean tea ceremony". The middle of the late Yuan, to further understand and accept the Chinese tea culture, tea, tea, tea, tea table becomes more widespread, thriving. Later, the tea culture of the ceremony, held every year. Yunnan is the tea tree kingdom, the center of the world. Although in the late Tang Dynasty "pretty book" is written about tea, Yunnan tea, in fact, people tea, tea has a very long history. Born in Yunnan Dali tea and Tea Association hoon, invited to Gyeongju in South Korea at the 2016 world tea culture festival activities; the Korea exchange, we prepared China most traditional six seats, set, Yunnan roast tea and Dali Bai three tea, to show the world the true Chinese tea culture. Arrived in Seoul, as we hold the autumnal equinox; solar term theme tea, after went to gyeongju. Car on the road, see vegetation physiognomy, Yamagata, out of the window, as if still in Yunnan. Into the crowd, found that the world is not understand the language, we want to get up to a foreign country for a long time. On the afternoon of 23 arrived in Gyeongju, tea culture festival opening ceremony. Although tea Hoon team members walked into the venue on the road, like the Yunnan people’s Congress went to the Great Hall of the people, spectacular. Said the opening ceremony, in fact, is a welcome, exchange. As you know, the activities of the official organization, similar links can not be. The next process you are more familiar with, the host city of Gyeongju speak, the Ministry of culture officials, leadership speech. Tea so stunning Qingzhou Hoon team. We have to do this tea cultural exchange activities, to do a good job, whether it is six seats, Yunnan roast tea or the three white tea, from clothing, appliances, materials, coordination, meticulous. In the speeches of the venue, because there is no translation, modesty, all speak, we hear sciolism. Later in the academic exchange of tea, we have only a 7788. The language barrier is a nuisance, blame the president not to learn Korean puwen. A busy exchange, Korean tea ceremony, Japanese tea ceremony took turns performing. We have always respected the China tea operation, not to play, not on the stage, but still inevitably be onlookers; changqiangduanbao, continue to take us. In the middle of the break, a lot of people rushing to take pictures and female players, have asked where we come from. In Chinese, sign language, and broken English, I finally made it clear that we are from Yunnan, china. Yunnan is the most populous province in China, and each ethnic group has its own tea drinking habits. The roast tea and the three tea are the typical representatives. National is the world, we will be in the day of the hundred tea table, a comprehensive display, so that people who love tea, personally on the seats, full of feelings. We explained the purpose of the trip, do not know whether they understand. No)相关的主题文章: