St jichai received feedback from the Commission focus on Kunlun trust

*ST jichai received feedback from the Commission focus on Kunlun National Trust investment adviser: catch demon king contest peek shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide *ST jichai received feedback from the Commission focus on Kunlun Trust: requires supplemental disclosure of the underlying compliance risk, innovation risk – reporter Xu Tianxiao   yesterday evening, the issuance of shares to buy assets that *ST jichai after accepting the Commission, the Commission received feedback, which is one of the key ideas in the feedback is required to supplement relevant content on the restructuring of Kunlun trust assets, the Commission on the trust listed companies has always been cautious, and the feedback can also be reflected from a certain the degree of regulators on trust listed concerns what. Second feedback, requiring supplemental disclosure whether oil assets involved in Kunlun trust and Shandong Trust shares into listed companies need the approval of the relevant authorities. Securities Daily reporters found. Back in tenth issues said the CBRC issued "on Further Strengthening the supervision of the risk of trust opinions" (Office of the CBRC No. [2016]58) and other regulatory provisions, supplemental disclosure of the underlying assets involved in the trust company to clean up non-standard pool of funds, the essence of risk and enhance the ability of asset management and other specific aspects of the implementation of the, and suggest that there may be a risk. The company with the requirements of compliance management, Kunlun trust, the trust industry development strategy transformation, supplementary disclosure: 1 underlying assets in daily management, information disclosure, risk management and other aspects of the compliance risk management; 2 in the background of the transformation and development of the trust industry, the trust company may face the strategic risk and innovation risk; 3 cross financial risk financial products caused by the complicated structure. The company requires supplemental disclosure: the implementation of the 1 Kunlun trust business and inherent trust business scope, the risk control system, is in accordance with the provisions of the "measures for the administration of trust companies and other laws and regulations; 2 the risk control indicators of whether there is abnormal situation and the underlying asset. In addition, the Commission’s feedback also requires additional disclosure of Kunlun trust, Bank of Kunlun and other pending assets of the reorganization of assets related to the impact of profit and loss. The application materials show that as of the report issued, Kunlun trust pending litigation since 2, involving a total amount of more than 200 million yuan, in 2014 and 2015 respectively in Kunlun trust asset impairment loss of 466 million yuan, 123 million yuan. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: