Su Ningjin wear old gold Internet banking promote the upgrading of consumption China

Su Ningjin wear old gold: Internet banking promote consumption upgrade Ningjin service Chinese Su group Huang Jinlao, executive vice president of sina technology news news September 13th, hosted by Sina Technology theme "future state" of the second session of the C+ summit this morning, Sina officially opened in Beijing Jinmao Risorgimento Hotel, Su Ningjin Clothing Group Executive vice president, said the old gold recently, 35 years, changed Chinese lifestyle, before most people spend a lot of time at work, but today, more and more people began to pay attention to leisure and entertainment, health etc.. Gold old pointed out that the transition from the product roadmap can also be seen, whether it is the quality of the category has undergone a huge leap. Travel from the point of view, we are more pursuit of speed and comfort. From the home market, the rapid development of smart home; from the heating market, the past is the northern part of the patent heating. Gold old said that the Internet banking services to promote the upgrading of consumer spending? One thing is that I now have money to upgrade immediately, one is that I do not have money, but I gradually have money, or I will have money. The first case can be upgraded, the second will not be upgraded to the third, the money will not be able to slow down, after the money is not enough, we must have money today, so the upgrade is relatively slow. The important thing is the loan, Internet banking to promote the upgrading of China’s consumption. Meanwhile, the old gold pointed out that Internet banking and traditional finance is not the same, mainly reflected in three points: Pratt & Whitney, reducing service rates, full penetration of the scene. (Anne) the following is the gold old speech: Good morning, you would like to take this opportunity to share with you today about "China consumption upgrade in the Internet financial service support" such a theme. Consumer upgrade first, to see the situation of China’s consumer upgrade. It is clear that in the past 35 years, Chinese people’s way of life has changed significantly. In the past, most people spend a lot of time at work, but today, more and more people begin to pay attention to leisure, health and so on. For example, compared to weekdays, weekend generally all more time and energy on shopping and shopping, but now the major electricity supplier to reflect the data was showing the opposite situation, people online shopping is far lower than the weekend Monday to Friday, only about half of the usual. This reflects a change in China’s overall lifestyle, that is, leisure entertainment has become an important pursuit of our daily lives. In Beijing, this change is particularly evident. One weekend, two places are very crowded, a park is overcrowded, two of them went to the outskirts of various traffic jams. Why is that? Because more and more people choose to relax outdoors on weekends or exercise, rather than stay at home. Can also be seen from the product roadmap, whether it is the quality of the category or a huge leap. Kitchen electric products more and more rich, to meet the needs of users more refined, more practical needs. TV screen is more and more big, more and more clear, more and more intelligent function, but the price is relatively cheap. The above is the upgrading of consumption from the overview perspective, but also from the trip, Home Furnishing, kitchen, mining.相关的主题文章: