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Swiss high-end chocolate Cailler stationed in the Chinese market – Sohu eat and drink as one of the classic representatives of Switzerland, Swiss chocolate has been sought after by consumers around the world. The day before, was founded in 1819, has nearly 200 years of history of the Swiss chocolate brand Cailler Caiato has been stationed in the Jingdong and Tmall mall, to further expand the Cailler in Chinese Caiato chocolate market sales channels. Cailler Caiato along for generations of chocolate production process, always strictly selected high-quality raw materials, finished from cocoa beans baking grinding in the Swiss Chocolate Factory "Maison Cailler", to the forming of the chocolate box. Not only that, Cailler also invited Caiato Swiss craftsmen personally designed and manufactured products on the packaging of a unique paper-cut, to elaborate collocation of a variety of classic chocolate, from the inside to the outside to show Cailler Caiato paid for making unique fragrant heart and sincerity chocolate. This has long been known to every family in Switzerland classic chocolate, now China consumers also can taste the Swiss "true" taste. The rate of "true" Cailler Louis, founder of the heart of the heart of the original Francois, Mr. Cailler, accidentally tasted chocolate at a fair, and has since been fascinated by it. In 1819 he founded the Cailler brand in Switzerland, since then opened the history of nearly 200 years of brand history. Later, his son-in-law invented the world’s first milk chocolate. From the past to the present, Cailler Caiato chocolate unique formula and exquisite craft has been passed from generation to generation with. Today, Cailler, as one of the oldest existing chocolate brands in Switzerland, has always insisted on the production of positive taste of the Swiss chocolate. "True" Cailler Kayla insists on selecting raw materials of high quality raw materials from all over the world, through the "Nestle cocoa plan" to choose and buy cocoa beans, cocoa beans and chocolate nuts are required in the Cailler Swiss Chocolate Factory "Maison Cailler" baking grinding and baking, to fully release the fragrance. Aroma. With the unique taste of fragrant chocolate milk for the production of Cailler, Kayla insists on selecting from the factory is less than 30 kilometers ranch cow milk delicious. Selection of each raw material, each carefully collocation, only for the production of fine Swiss fragrance, fragrance Cailler Caiato chocolate. A "true" Swiss craftsmen inheritance of traditional process, each Cailler Caiato chocolate have presented a picture of traditional paper-cut art by the Swiss craftsmen Marianne Ms. Dubuis personally creative paper-cut decoration, every paper-cut in the telling of the story of Cailler Caiato brand, or the milk, or under the tree material again, or roasted nuts. These elaborate design, let Cailler Caiato not only become a box of chocolates, is promoted to a low-key "priceless" art. !相关的主题文章: