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Temple No. two, there are five astronauts with Avatar: the exclusive fitness – Sohu military channel page first: Tiangong two has five big powers [Abstract] Temple No. two, let our astronauts have a new home in space. In order to meet the arrival of the master bedroom space, the builders of pains. Temple No. two, high-tech materials, instrument against bone loss, environmental control and life support system, on the harmful gas detection device and noise control techniques, including avatar, instrument against bone loss is fitness development unit designed specifically for astronauts "". According to Chinese the voice of "news" reported that as the real space laboratory, one of the main Temple No. two, this task is with the Shenzhou eleven rendezvous and docking, then it will carry two astronauts living in space for 30 days, to achieve the medium-term presence of astronauts. Figure is equipped with the Tiangong two long March two F T2 rocket launch moment. Temple No. two, let our astronauts have a new home in space. In order to meet the arrival of the master, let the owners live comfortable and safe, the room space builders from pains, improve the quality of life, reduce the workload and improve the sleeping environment, rich entertainment and so on several aspects to carry out manned livable environment design, in combination of free space within a limited, integrated interior decoration, cabin space planning, visual environment and lighting, waste management, materials management, such as wireless communication technology to provide space Home Furnishing livable, comfortable environment of humanity for the astronauts, the astronauts on the 30 day dwell period, comfortable life and work. Avatar 1 high-tech materials with it, it can withstand -70 -200 DEG C high temperature if the Tiangong two and other spacecraft docking assembly to room space, then the Tiangong two is the main structure of the "big room", in which the astronauts will live and work. According to Chinese Aerospace Science and technology group of scientific research personnel, Tiangong two is the internal structure of an external vacuum, 1 atm. Evaluation of the "big bay" safety is one of the very important aspect, is 2 years in orbit during the flight, air leakage should be very small. Just like a good basketball sooner or later will leak, but a good design can make gas leakage is very slow. Tiangong two is a metal structure, observe the porthole, door switches and other components are easy to leak the link. Designers have designed a variety of safe and reliable sealing structure, which is the most critical sealing ring. Extended reading: Secret: why Tiangong two less than a reception of an astronaut Temple No. two, in addition to rice is also doing? 10 high-end experimental exposure page second: with the astronauts said exclusive fitness Tiangong two space laboratory chief architect Zhu Congpeng interview, the space is a high risk business, some of the major space sometimes a project development and production of backup device. China had in the development and production of Tiangong-1 target aircraft, while the production of a backup device. With the success of Tiangong-1 mission, mission backup original removed. Figure for the Tiangong two into orbit. Tiangong two space laboratory is China’s first truly, space.相关的主题文章: