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The 3 elements of the conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, you did not move! Sohu mother at each ordinary family, between mother and daughter has an ordinary story, relationship quality can directly affect the young couple feelings of harmony, the whole family is harmonious. Many women can not avoid a problem — a talk about her, do not stop them began to fall, but have you ever stop and think about their own problems where there is inevitable contradiction between the two sides, however, is the focus of research on how to solve it! The most common cause of several war between the old, also ask you to. The fuse of a different living habits, reproduction of the scene > < mother love to go to bed early, the wife is used to get up late; mother watching TV when listening to the music, love will turn very loudly, daughter-in-law favors a quieter environment; love mother-in-law lighter meals, daughter-in-law is no spicy unhappiness; mother love all the little things in the house are housed neatly, but daughter-in-law habits will commonly used items handy…… Over time, triggering numerous family conflicts. This solution for small things everyday, each step back, give each other enough private space, everything or to discuss, or separate. Especially during pregnancy, everything should be in a calm mood to deal with, we quietly with a look at TV, chat is nothing more than a treat. The fuse two, parenting ideas different > < scene reconstruction; daughter-in-law support to baby use diapers sanitary and convenient, timely to practice the baby toilet, but her mother-in-law want to give their children not to mind taking the trouble to urine, willing to take the baby diapers; wife often go for pleasure, but her mother-in-law think the outside environment is not clean, easy to let the baby the infection of bacteria and virus; daughter-in-law can let the baby play their own toys, and her mother-in-law tend to be taught; wife will let your baby learn slowly with chopsticks, but willing to her mouth to feed the baby. This solution the heart planted the idea that a mother-in-law both out of love, it will treat baby, education method is not right or wrong, only fit, have communication, education is not late. The concept of three different > fuse, money; scenario reproduction < if his wife did not work, at home as a full-time housewife, every penny is wife flowers, not only to the husband’s consent, but also to see her mother’s face, every thing daughter-in-law do for the baby, would have been the mother-in-law pointing; if wife work, you need to work under pressure and at the same time complain all day with her mother-in-law. The key is to think. The solution from the bottom of one thing: you can become one family, is doomed fate. Family friction is bound to hide, but once a lot of communication between people, everyone’s idea of transparency, everything will become simple and clear. This is a timeless topic, L mom said so much, thousands and thousands of words.相关的主题文章: