The 8 year old couple do not afraid for 6 years supervisor of Internet bar obligation trouble (Figur reshacker

The 8 year old couple do 6 years supervisor of Internet bar obligation (Figure) – are not afraid of trouble for Beijing years is great, we can always adhere to the Internet check. Wife: "old can not do anything, can only do these little things." Husband: "young couples to accompany her legs are not agile, I have to hold her." Huaxi community newspaper reporter Shen Intern Cui Xiaojing photo coverage, Grandpa and mother-in-law come!" Counter duty on the front door of the two elderly people a smile, like a general greeting guests. The morning of August 19th, the 84 year old Shen Huiqing and his wife in the company of Zheng Guofu, came to our street in the community of Shuangnan Shaoling obligation to monitor Internet cafes. Remember this is the two old people to the first few Internet cafes, from 2010 onwards, the old couple to every Monday to two times the frequency of supervision in the community regardless of the weather of Internet cafes. 6 years, from the Internet cafe management personnel do not understand the work does not fit, to accept the inspection, supervision and adhere to the two old people responsible for not only have Xiaonianqing attitude change, the stability of the family is more numerous. 600 meters to walk a road for a long time, since 2010, a thousand times since the beginning of the year, from home to the Internet bar more than 600 meters away, Shen Huiqing and Zheng Guofu go every week, fully adhere to the past 6 years. If you go back again, but also from Shen Huiqing’s old partner, ye ye. In 2003, Shaoling community organization the old volunteers to participate in various activities in the community. The old volunteers at the beginning of the establishment of Shen Huiqing with the same volunteer leaves her mother in pairs, compulsory supervision of the community within the jurisdiction of Internet cafes. As of 2010, leaves her mother because of the age has high illness, had to stop volunteering. Leaves mother-in-law after I go to myself, my wife to see I do not trust to accompany me." Shen Huiqing said with a smile. In 2010, over 78 years of age, although Shen Huiqing has run in the Internet supervision activities, but the body was to show signs of trouble. "Memory is not good, it is not agile legs, I am afraid she fell out nobody dared to help her, began to go with her." Zheng Guofu said with concern. The two old people home from the bar not far, only 600 meters away, ordinary people will be able to walk a few minutes, and when Guofu Zheng and Shen Huiqing walked most for a long time it took more than and 40 minutes. "Hold out, let go in" has become a daily habit, lest his wife fell, Zheng Guofu told you every hour and moment nagging: don’t worry, slowly, slowly step early;; good help, don’t loose…… Zheng Guofu said: "she is not in good health, I used to be athletes, although two years older than she, but better than her body. Young couples to date! Her legs are not agile, I have to hold her." Zheng Guofu from 80 years old to the age of 86, in the past 6 years, the people in this familiar way back and forth thousands of times, meet the ad posted on the chaos to pull, see the ground will pick up the garbage. Every time I go to Internet cafes, should carefully check whether fire facilities can be used, whether fast expired, meet teenagers staying in the cafe, also earnestly discouraged. The old man is not afraid of trouble for Internet cafes Internet cafes in the monitoring of Yong supervision period, the old man.相关的主题文章: