The club let meiko transformation ADC Mouse or regression candy candy

The club let Meiko transformation ADC? Mouse or return to assist in the LOL global players before the transfer period, including RNG’s Mata, EDG’s Deft, Pawn and other South Korean foreign aid has left the team, returned to his hometown in korea. When the domestic LPL fans and the media are still to lament when, but from some channels to obtain the chat record chart, a few suspected South Korea coach or staff of the Korean dialogue, involving EDG Meikong, looking at the dialogue was recently. The dialogue reflects the general information: Deft EDG has been looking for a good home, do not leave him. Meiko won the Deft team in Solo League, the club seems intended to let him turn AD. More than a chat log of the Chinese notes are looking for a friend to learn Korean to help translate, if there is a semantic or expression errors, please understand Korean friends help me. Although the three Korean outflow chat record authenticity has yet to be verified, but from the translation of information, although surprising, but think carefully, not Arabian Nights, let us this piece of information to analyze one by one: find a good home [Deft, EDG] that I stay the whole world knows that EDG stay Deft, although EDG has not officially announced the official news two Korean aid to leave, but I believe it’s only a matter of time. Deft back to Korea after the Pawn, Sprite and others live in qualifying racing, also prepare with teammates Meikong double EDG. We can see that his state of mind and very good, and Pawn into the studio made chatter is different, Deft tended to be retained. With his degree, the hunger unyielding personality, maybe KT Deft is the secret? [Meiko Deft Solo team won in the season, the club seems intended to let him turn on a AD] information compared to this piece of information, you can sniff at the most. But in fact, this information is most valuable, most deep and withstand scrutiny. First of all, Meiko’s personal strength is beyond doubt, in this year’s German Cup awards Meiko also referred to the Deft and the director gave him help, especially Deft taught a lot of things Meiko. As everyone knows, LOL assistant may be the highest IQ of requirements, need to predict the opponent actions, estimate the situation, also need to figure out and with its ADC psychology, this position was also assistant commander level such as the Mata S4 MVP. Familiar with Meiko and Deft and the degree of understanding of two people, Meiko and Deft in the suppression of Deft Solo race team is not impossible. Again to analyze the possibility of Meiko to AD, at first glance, we will feel a little tricky, because everyone knows how much the cost of professional players to turn the position and energy. Even if the Meiko operation and consciousness can barely meet the requirements of the AD, then EDG assistant who fight? We forgot Mo!相关的主题文章: