The debt is a modest rise in short-term shocks to change

The debt is moderate rise in the short term is hard to change the shock Sina foundation exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Zhang Qinfeng – 19, bond futures market continued to rise slightly. Market participants pointed out that the continuous pullback after the bond market staged a modest rebound, and on August economic and financial data show numb, configuration needs support, the adjustment of the bond market risk is limited, but considering the better than expected economic performance and monetary policy is difficult to loose, short-term market trend is also difficult to maintain the pattern of shocks, the probability of large. The price slightly higher yesterday bond futures market repeated shocks, eventually rose slightly. The main contract, the 10 year bond futures T1612 closed at 101.010 yuan, up 0.045 yuan or 0.04%, turnover of 11595 hands all day long, compared with the previous trading volume of more than 40%. 5 year treasury bond futures contract TF1612 closed at $101.440, up $0.020 or 0.02%, the day turnover of 4121 hands, compared with the previous trading day reduced by more than half. Yesterday, the bond stock turnover rate steady decrease slightly, the overall showing a narrow range. The inter-bank market, pending repayment period of nearly 10 years of trading 160017 bonds traded at 2.755%, before trading was 2.76%; another 10 year bonds traded at 2.775% in late 160010, late the previous day in 2.80%. Open the country debt, until the repayment period of nearly 10 years of the 160213 trading turnover to 3.10%, down about 1bp. Yesterday the central bank to carry out 250 billion yuan repurchase operation, daily realized net capital invested 170 billion yuan, the central bank showed stabilize short-term funding constraints and to meet the funding needs of the holiday season span across the sincerity, but in the face of corporate tax, close quarter assessment, the National Day holiday for multiple factors disturbance, short-term market funds face is still tight, overnight more money. Upper and lower space market participants pointed out that near the end of the quarter and the Federal Reserve interest rate, the market uncertainty factors, more cautious investor sentiment, it is difficult to form a joint force. At the same time, the August economic and financial data much better than expected, especially compared to July data generally improved, prompting the market to correct previously overly pessimistic expectations for the economy, and monetary policy is limited, short-term bond interest rates difficult to significantly relax, short period has low has obvious downside. CICC report pointed out that the short-term economic momentum improved monetary policy is difficult to falsification, prices, exchange rate and financial risk prevention to many constraints, the real estate toughness than expected stronger, the short term, the market is difficult to come out of the trend of opportunity. However, the report also pointed out that the current institutional configuration pressure is still large, long-term bond market trend is not reversed, the interest rate will limit the upside. It is worth mentioning that the economic and financial data released last week, much of the bond market adversely, but last week’s bond market one or two market strong performance, two level of market interest rates slightly lower, the level of market such as railway bonds bidding unpopular. Market participants believe that this is the configuration of the disk in the bad luck相关的主题文章: