The escaped prisoner Lei fugitive five days for the frequency of hiding when caught sleeping in Beij rainlendar

The escaped prisoner Lei fugitive five days for the frequency of hiding: sleeping – was arrested when Beijing yesterday 1 a.m., 120 hours from Hubei Caidian prison swindler Lei Jun was arrested. Chengdu Daily reporter learned exclusively, the fugitive 5 days to Hubei, Wuhan, Lei Jun Chibi, Hunan and Yueyang to hide, also repeatedly raise money to flight. Finally, Lei Jun is multi sectoral composition of the hunt group, arrested in Hubei city of Chibi province Tianyou district a distant family home, was arrested when he was wearing underwear to sleep. Escape route 1 Hanyang district (Wuhan) Jun 24 morning from Hanyang hospital to escape, then by telephone to the shop owner in a fast-food restaurant near the hospital, the shop owner did not see the identity of the 2 District of Wuchang (Wuhan) Lei after a brief stopover from Hanyang District fled to more than and 10 kilometers outside of Wuchang area, here from his home near 3 mountain town (Chibi) sit Moldova, a taxi…… The mountain town of Chibi city from Wuchang he fled all the way to more than and 100 km away, hiding 4 Zhao Li Qiao Zhen (Chibi) feel the police rounded up the pressure, he thinks to stay in one place is not safe, then hid near the city of Chibi, Zhao Li Town, here is the border of South Hubei Yu Taopao 5 Yueyang (Hunan) the police let him fear him, from Zhao Li Qiao Zhen went to the nearby Hunan city of Yueyang Province in Chibi city 6 Lei subsequently returned to Hubei Chibi, was eventually captured when caught in underwear, sleeping at 29, 1 points 03 points in a distant home, Lei Jun escaped criminals from the Hubei Caidian prison was arrested, September 24th morning, he went to hospital during the escape in Wuhan Hanyang hospital. Chengdu Daily reporter learned that the Hubei provincial public security department, Justice Department, bureau of prisons, and Wuhan City, Xianning City, Chibi city public security organs such as 120 hours of pursuing, Lei Jun was arrested in Hubei Xianning area, Chibi. Lei was more than and 100 kilometers away from Wuhan. Chibi city is the home of his parents, Lei Jun, relatives living here. At present, the specific case is under further investigation, has not yet announced the details. Hubei Provincial Bureau of prisons have introduced the relevant person in charge, the Department of justice, the prison administration has formed a joint investigation team stationed in Caidian prison, prosecutors and legal supervision agencies are also involved in investigating the matter. According to the Chengdu Business Daily reporter learned exclusively. The investigation personnel to hunt, Lei Jun in Chibi Tianyou District of the distant clan families. When he was arrested, he was in his underwear, sleeping, until the 3 police to hold him, he woke up from sleep. Chengdu daily exclusive the escape trajectory so he run away to stay safe repeatedly transform hiding place at present, the relevant department has not yet announced the details of the police to arrest and Lei Jun escape. Chengdu Daily reporter from a person close to the police who learned exclusively from Wuhan, Lei Jun escape of hospitals in Hanyang on the morning of 24, his first thought is to contact with the outside world, get help. Shortly after the escape, near the hospital in a fast food restaurant, Yi相关的主题文章: