The first session of the Guangzhou TOYOTA dual engine cup cosmax

The first session of the Guangzhou TOYOTA dual engine cup I master control! I’m a racing driver! Far from enough! We’re playing fuel-efficient! Electricity and oil is how to use and distribution, and this is exactly the driving force of hybrid models! Guangfeng leiling "double engine Cup", is a kind of " " consumption level; to the outcome of the event! YOU READY LET’S GO ARE! Although the life need to dress but regret some regret, or can be avoided! Guangdong Guojisaichechang   dual engine Cup "skill big secret!   3! 2! 1! GO! We have some general feel < < I was racing > > audition registration time qualifying for the final round of Beijing!   Guangzhou Division: Auditions race day: 2016.9.11 Venue: Guangzhou qualifying finals & Guangdong Guojisaichechang (Zhaoqing)   Beijing Division: game models: leiling dual engine selection in store number: 30 name number: 2     & nbsp;; final: Final Cut 2 racing in Zhaoqing (Guangdong International Speedway) finals! (all bear the cost of activities in store) Competition Registration: first add the official WeChat store (or press the QR code below) WeChat reply "I am Racer" + name + sex + age + + occupation contact activities contact: 010-81571116 20160907 34654.shtml相关的主题文章: