The first set of a small target for example fall down bangs beauty fried days magicq

The first set of a small target for example fall down bangs beauty fried day lead: in recent days it was completely blown an invigorating autumn climate, hot, cool autumn wind in autumn, in addition to chop hands in autumn, also a new hairstyle. Don’t forget to say, put up with the summer bangs and meatball head, this for several of the most fire bangs styling your recommended age face can make you more beautiful fried days. (Editor: Miao Miao) fall down when it comes to beautiful bangs fried days bangs the impression of a lot of people are rigid thick uneven bangs, in fact there are many other bangs are more natural and repair Yan, for example a recent wave of Korean female owners prefer thin long bangs, many actresses are on the left eight bangs, and adorable sister upgrade section of the two dimension bangs, sweet minute captured the hearts of men of God, we look down one by one. Long thin air bangs "W world" and two week long thin filial piety air bangs Han Xiao week without fringe marked differences in recent Korean actresses began to pop up the thin air bangs, such as "W two" world women Han Xiaozhou, sparse natural long bangs children with long hair soft and sweet by age, fashion, and comparison of Han Xiaozhou bangs, bangs son she instantly feel ten years younger, no wonder in the drama drama two years younger Li Zhongshuo is also no pressure. "Any attachment" poster Suzy bangs "Suzy contrast due to the recent drama" frequent appearance of arbitrary attachment also love long thin bangs, both in the "poster" any attachment with tousled bangs, or to attend the activities of the modified bangs, bangs thin gap, not completely cover the forehead, but with both sides of the temple naturetransition, the other can face and perfect fusion, to repair Yan effect. Long thin air bangs Park Shin Hye Park Shin Hye in the "Doctors" in other impressive, not only because of weight-loss success, air bangs son also let her more angry little girl, a little cute. Zheng Shuang long, thin air bangs cool girl is also suitable for long, thin air bangs, a girl a sense of vitality. Long thin air bangs building has several features, the first is to long enough to cover the eyebrows, in the position of the eyes bent, creating a sense of air, so as to naturally die board; there is a thin, even very sparse few strands, exposing the forehead, a gust of wind bangs disappear both visual sense; another is on both sides of the fringe to long hair and sideburns with natural, like hair scattered in the cheeks on both sides, so that both can be modified face, also can appear more fresh, full of girls. Eight eight eight Song Hye Kyo bangs bangs bangs can be said to be thin and long air bangs upgrade edition, based on the original long bangs on the bangs make more natural distribution in the forehead on both sides, exposing the forehead while not too empty, like from the middle lifted your bangs. Full of feminine temperament. Bai Baihe Bai Baihe is very suitable for the eight eight bangs bangs, if there is no existing eight Bang bangs effect repair Yan, like no bangs that spirit.相关的主题文章: