The Hang Seng Index closed up 3.27% higher gaming stocks take enterprises index rose nearly 5%-antik

The Hang Seng Index closed up 3.27% higher gaming stocks along two China Enterprises Index rose nearly 5% Hong Kong stocks trading fell 5%, rebound this morning opened higher, up 1.91%, at 18668.87 points, after the high narrow shocks before the trend is slightly higher, the highest 18937.06 points. As of the close, the Hang Seng Index rose to 3.27%, up 598.56 points, at 18918.14 points, closing at HK $66 billion 450 million. Otherwise, the index rose to 4.78%, up 358.47 points, at 7863.84 points; the red chip index rose 3.84%, up 124.97 points, at 3376.82 points. From the disk, the blue chips rose, only two shares fell, Li & Fung fell 1.08%. Rising list, the best performance of gambling stocks, led by blue chip, Galaxy Entertainment rose 8.17%, Jinsha China rose 4.44%. China’s life insurance stocks rose 5.27%, China’s security rose 6.37%. "Three barrels of oil" rose, CNOOC rose 6.42%, Sinopec rose 3.64%, PetroChina rose 3.78%. In addition, HKEx rose 2.76% to HK $167.50; China Merchants International rose 6.50% to HK $21.30; HSBC Holdings rose 4.47% to HK $50.25. Analysis of China Sheng wealth management chief strategist Guo Jiayao Dow, close to the day’s closing high, up more than 300 points, cut the city cooperation in oil producing countries, oil prices rebounded from a near 13 year low, the New York oil futures surged 12%. As the risk aversion cooled, gold, yen, euro and US debt all returned to soft, and the U.S. Treasury bond rose 8 points to 1.74 per cent for the 10 year period. Hong Kong stock reserve securities made all the way, expect big city early segment can follow the high open. Hong Kong stocks continue to pressure index under low, individual stocks are oversold, the external atmosphere of improvement, the index is expected to rebound to 18600 points below the support level, in the vicinity of 18000. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

恒指走高收涨3.27%博彩股走好 国企指数涨近5%   港股前两个交易日下跌5%,今早反弹高开,涨1.91%,报18668.87点,之后高位窄幅震荡前行,走势稍微上扬,最高见18937.06点。   截至收市,恒指涨幅为3.27%,上涨598.56点,报18918.14点,成交664.5亿港元。   另有,国企指数涨幅为4.78%,上涨358.47点,报7863.84点;红筹指数涨幅为3.84%,上涨124.97点,报3376.82点。   从盘面看,蓝筹股普涨,仅有两股下跌,利丰跌1.08%。   上涨排行榜上,博彩股表现最好,领涨蓝筹,银河娱乐涨8.17%,金沙中国涨4.44%。   内险股中,中国人寿涨5.27%,中国平安涨6.37%。   “三桶油”上涨,中海油涨6.42%,中石化涨3.64%,中石油涨3.78%。   另有,港交所涨2.76%,报167.50港元;招商局国际涨6.50%,报21.30港元;汇丰控股涨4.47%,报50.25港元。   中国银盛财富管理首席策略师郭家耀分析,道指以接近全日最高位收市,上升超过300点,市传产油国合作减产,油价从近13年低位反弹,纽约期油急升12%。避险情绪降温,金价、日圆、欧元及美债均回软,美国10年期债息上升8点子至1.74厘。   港股预托证券全线造好,预料大市早段可跟随外围高开。港股继续受压,指数下试低位,个别股份出现超卖,外围气氛好转下,指数有望反弹至18600点水平,下方支持在18000点附近。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: