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"The hedgehog hand" women without protection climbed poles stuck with barbed needle (Figure) – Beijing fifty-fourth group army soldier a communications group is connected with a cable monitor, the rank of corporal, won three of 2 times. Chen Rui has a history of "Yin Lingzhi", is a "type" of the heroine of the "hero" of the "hero" of the heroine of the "". "Iron" communication group also has a "Yin Lingzhi", and the eponymous hero. Don’t look at her handsome face, petite, a foot on the training field, is also quite a few heroic. This is a program called "individual km comprehensive operation" project, known as the "Iron Man 3 cable force". Project participants in a limited period of time, with two wrapped cable winding vehicle weight of 20 kg, the KM crater walls, containing obstacles, barbed wire, and a fixed climbing, road erection method, complete the round-trip line, line task. Because the project is difficult, high requirements for fitness, the mission of the comprehensive operation of KM training has been completed, women rarely set foot. "The same is why women do cable forces, take-up simple training can only be?" Look at the training ground of male soldiers jumped up and down at "enthusiasm", Yin Lingzhi himself. This is not a record breaking contest aimed at the parent organization of opportunity, she proposed to comprehensive work on the field than one kilometer! Men who listen to, can’t help laughing: "you still carrying the first two complex car run five kilometers……" Around the monitor also "pull the sleeves" stop, the training program in the course of female and no mandatory requirements, this is what kind of strength. "My goal is the battlefield, this fight to fight the men and women, right?" She tried to bite lips, poker-faced argument. At first, she recruits even under was in communication on duty station, but decided to participate in the women’s 500 meters and line subject contest, the expression is true. Retractable cable line is the professional training courses, and there is no correlation on communication. At that time, Yin Lingzhi was determined to cross professional challenges, the reason is also a sentence: to be an excellent communications soldiers, not only a skill, right?" Cable professional is recognized as a physical activity". Walking down the three foot machine, heavy back on the car, the biggest challenge facing Yin Lingzhi is physical. "To lay a solid foundation, must give themselves overweight." Running, others run 5 kilometers a day, she ran 8 kilometers; and line training, on the back of a winding vehicle, she is a trained twenty or thirty times, was left inside the coated wire grinding out of the cocoon, the shoulder straps are out of blood…… A few months later, Yin Lingzhi attended the Ji’nan military organization of the women’s 500 meter wire subject contest, breaking the record won the championship. Success can easily copy? Although Daxinyanli admire Yin Lingzhi’s hard effort, the entries before the female company commander Feng Lijie was half jokingly asked Yin Lingzhi: "individual km comprehensive operation, when the first" eat crab "in women, you sure?" "Determination!" Yin Lingzhi nodded, acting as if he had done enough to endure hardship. However, first comprehensive operation of KM training field, is another picture: light round-trip trip obstacle, she was tired out of breath, body sweating; armed picked up two bales of coated wire, then threw her a.相关的主题文章: