The Magic Eye – New Novel From Robert Bob

Arts-and-Entertainment British author Robert (Bob) Carter has seized the opportunity to use his spare evenings and weekends to write ‘The Magic Eye’ the first in a series of children’s fantasy stories titled ‘The Magical Adventures of Melie.’ Carter is temporarily separated from his Tucson based wife Teresa and young daughter Lexi, while he is working in England. That separation has formed the basis for ‘The Magic Eye’. The story owes much of its originality to seven year old Lexi who has been responsible for many of the creative ideas. Carter explains; ‘Lexi isn’t afraid of making suggestions to enhance the story. She isn’t afraid of ‘being wrong’ she isn’t afraid that somebody will tell her not to be ‘silly’. Lexi, like most other children of her age will have a go’. Carter has developed a method for writing that includes hundreds of post it notes and a large white wall. It may not be everybody’s idea of how to decorate an apartment but it works for a writer. The method adopted for ‘The Magic Eye’ included writing a chapter of the book, proofreading and editing, then emailing it to Teresa and Lexi for comments. From start to finish, ‘The Magic Eye’ took less than two months to complete. ‘The Magical Adventures of Melie’ blends 21st century living and comforts with the richness, beauty and magic of a bygone age of wizards and fairies. Melie’s adventures take her to mystical places where good must once again defeat the forces of evil. Carter invites you to join the young Melie has she first discovers her magical powers, what they mean to her and most importantly of all, why she has been blessed with them in this modern world of logic and disbelievers Children and parents will be whisked away to the ‘world in-between’ where Melie and her best friend John mingle with the amazing wizards of old. It is planned that readers and followers of the series will get so much more than a good read! Unlike ‘The Magic Eye’, the following books will be created and written in a very innovative way. Not only will fans get to share in Melie’s adventures, they will be invited to help to create them. Children will be asked to submit ideas for Melie’s next story to the author. Twice a year, 20 children with the best ideas will be invited with their parents to join the author’s family at a special boot-camp. The objective will be to jointly design the next Melie adventure. This will be a weekend of fun, alternating between England and the USA, where they jointly develop the outline and first chapter for the next book. Carter will share his book writing method with the families and it may just redefine the way books are written in the future. The Magic Eye is available now from: For more details visit 相关的主题文章: