The meal will face oversupply dilemma and soybean spreads continue to expand or

The meal will face oversupply dilemma with soybean spreads or continue to expand Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Monitoring shows that in August Fujian rapeseed imports to Hong Kong 3 ships, about 180 thousand tons of rapeseed oil refinery, the local stock abundance, individual rapeseed oil refinery inventory and late arrivals to meet the press demand before November, Fujian meal demand is limited, sold a large number of other provinces, so the price is relatively low. In August 29th, Fujian rapeseed market price 2400 ~ 2420 yuan tons, is low in Guangdong area 40 ~ 60 yuan per ton. For more than 4 million tons of rapeseed imports in 2016 of China’s rapeseed production is expected to 14 million tons, a decrease of 5.7% compared to the previous year’s 14 million 850 thousand tons, for the first time in 5 years fell, and the amount of goods is significantly reduced. At present, domestic rapeseed production has far can not meet the demand, the annual need to import 4 million tons of rapeseed to meet the domestic demand for rapeseed. Customs data show that in the first half of China’s total imports of rapeseed 1 million 994 thousand tons, 2 million 342 thousand tons less than the previous year. Among them, Nanjing customs import 147 thousand tons, 150 thousand tons less than last year; Nanning customs import 505 thousand tons, 610 thousand tons less than last year; Xiamen customs import 382 thousand tons, higher than the previous year’s 312 thousand tons; Fuzhou customs import 182 thousand tons, higher than the previous year’s 179 thousand tons; Dalian customs import 196 thousand tons, 255 thousand tons less than last year; Zhanjiang customs imports of 300 thousand tons, 434 thousand tons less than last year; Shenzhen and Whampoa  customs import 227 thousand tons, 298 thousand tons less than last year. At present, the Canadian rapeseed shipment in November on China’s port CNF latest price $451 tons, equivalent costs paid 3750 yuan per ton, corresponding to the ZCE January contract hedging gains 60 yuan per ton. A standard problem of imported rapeseed impurities no results, the Canadian exporters do not pledged impurities in less than 1%, so the domestic enterprises to avoid risks, to buy the boat very carefully. At present, after September to Hong Kong to buy a total of 6 rapeseed boat ship, still can not meet the demand in the four quarter. In addition rapeseed imports of fruitless talks in early August, the Canadian delegation to discuss Chinese on import rapeseed impurity standards in Canada, but ultimately fruitless, differences between the two sides is still large, short-term or unable to reach a consensus. In order to prevent the spread of disease China rape, strict restrictions on imports of rapeseed impurity standards, good protection of the domestic industry, despite reduced imports, rapeseed supply shortage, but can have a meal to fill in the gaps, while Canada in the absence of the world’s largest buyers — China procurement, for the new season of rapeseed supply pressure therefore, feel increased on both sides of the game in Canada is not dominant. Canadian Bureau of statistics report shows that Canadian farmers in 2016 is expected to harvest 17 million tons of rapeseed, 1.2% less than in 2015. Although the national average yield is expected to remain at 38 bushels of acres, but because of a theory相关的主题文章: