The polls close Hilary leading Trump 1% 66814

The polls close Hilary leading Trump 1% original title: 1% Hilary a "mail door" fermentation Trump poll chase us law enforcement officials said in October 30th, federal investigators have been authorized, will proceed to check the looks and the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary · Clinton "mail" new mail related investigation. The back face of the Federal Bureau of investigation suddenly launched an attack, Senate Democratic leader Reed in October 30th sent a letter to the FBI Director James · Komi, accusing the latter to restart the investigation approach is not intended to limit federal personnel to participate in political activities "Hatchie act". Reed also wrote a criticism of Komi "double standard", said the Hilary "mail" incident was at the same time, but the hand grasp, the relationship between Trump and the Russian government’s "breaking news" secret. In October 30th, Hilary vowed not to interrupt the election process". The poll is ankylose Komi announced the resumption of the investigation, the Trump team took the opportunity to make a fuss, "this will be the biggest political scandal since the Watergate, even said" I never thought one day to thank Anthony · Weiner ". He told supporters in Las Vegas in October 30th, the "mail door" to restart the investigation once again proved that Hilary is not worthy of trust". "We have a Hilary on corruption (level) of the ultimate test, that is the power of the vote," Trump said, "the only way to defeat corruption is tens of millions (voters) went to the polls to vote." Before restarting the mail door "investigation, Hilary’s election leading nationwide Trump, take advantage of the" swing state "in most elections. Among them, the United States election forecast website clear political statistics of the national poll results show that as of 25, Hilary’s national support rate of the leading Trump by 5.4 percentage points. However, affected by the mail door event, Hilary is rapidly narrowing the gap with the polls of the Trump. American Broadcasting Company and Washington Post "" published in October 30th a joint survey, Hilary’s support rate now only 1 percentage points ahead of Trump; about 1/3 of the respondents, in May the voters go to the polls on election day, in view of the decision to restart the investigation Komi, they support the possibility of Hilary decreased. According to the Xinhua News Agency – the U.S. presidential election news inventory "October miracle" in 1972: the United States presidential election the Republican candidate for the Vietnam war that 1972, re-election of Richard · Nixon against Democrat George · Stanley · Mcgovern. At the end of October, Nixon authorized the then national security adviser Henry · Kissinger announced that Vietnam will usher in peace, "said the decree of the Vietnam War weary Americans were inspired, Nixon finally won re-election for a helping hand 2相关的主题文章: