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The preferred diet porridge breakfast – volt Food Channel — original title: outline the preferred diet porridge porridge breakfast Hawthorn red dates   map of the Guangzhou Daily reporter Bu Yu correspondent Huang Ming Guangxi walnut jujube congee   yesterday was the first day after the volt. The volt, medicated porridge for breakfast if eating hot, it is a recipe for health. In Meizhou, Shaoguan in the vicinity of the Hakka people make good use of natural vegetation to recuperate the body beautiful pot pot of porridge. The nature of common plant fruit and popular Hakka people welcome the porridge together, they produced a simple, tasty and medicated porridge with health care function. Hakka Diet against damp fever in accordance with the "porridge story" the Yellow Emperor, southern region of low altitude, often leading to fog dew accumulation. People living here so often love to eat sour food and cooked food excessively even some corruption, lead to people’s skin and red skin tight, prone to skin numbness, pain and joint activity is ineffective and other symptoms. Just from the Central Plains in south of the Five Ridges Hakka ancestors who are very suited to the climate of South of the Five Ridges. Fortunately, the Hakka people of the mountain like a huge treasure, offers a variety of food and medicine with food for them, which made our ancestors lived as rooted distinctions won in battle. They often use these ingredients porridge, porridge and rice can also have their role, therefore, can be a good choice for modern people to breakfast. Walnut porridge: jujube Guangxi people Anshenbunao live in Meixian District of Meizhou city Songkou old Wu Jinyun has insisted the many traditional Hakka ancestors diet. Walnut jujube porridge is one of Wu Jinyun’s favorite. Red dates after shredding, millet wash and soak for 30 minutes and longan, red dates meat a casserole with the fire to boil, then simmer, when millet porridge a flower will be broken into small pieces of walnut meat into the boil for 10 minutes. Several ingredients into a pot, for insomnia forgetful, flighty and impetuous, weekdays are easy to get angry people eating. The small golden porridge simmer a thick porridge, red jujube, longan meat, amber yellow and white walnut in which now sinking, now rising again. The drink into the mouth, thick the porridge water soft rotten millet, fresh longan, chewing up slightly with walnut, jujube sweet meat in the tip of the tongue to slide around, even if not to mention the health effects, but also let people feel a bowl of delicious and moist. Red beans and barley porridge: Gorgon Qushi spleen and stomach health Wu Jinyun said the old man, red bean barley porridge Gorgon is the most important in the spleen and stomach. In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen and stomach is acquired, the source of Qi and blood. So the Hakka people think that the spleen and stomach is essential for health. Making this medicated porridge is very simple, but red beans, barley and Gorgon pot before prior to soak for half a day or so, can use boiling water pot to prevent sticking, the congee with fire boiled, then change to slow fire boiling. If love sweets, can also increase the amount of sugar in the porridge pot before. The reporters found that in the three "best partner" of the old mouth congee is not sticky stiff, clear soup and food, flower shaped barley, red bean and Gorgon you I do not divide, is a bowl)相关的主题文章: