The price trend of Rainbow Night real estate fund cross-border survival mmhouse

The price trend of "Rainbow Night" real estate fund cross-border fund survival Sina exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Our market under the real estate fund the second half of 2016, the "asset shortage" and investment traps coexist, solid fundamental deterministic assets into the market scarce products, has become the capital scramble for "good subject", and the concept of fundamental flaws in the neglected assets. The disk in the valuation bubble when investors, has become the tide receded after the "naked". From the hot line to the property market, gained the best Wenwan; from a Vanke equity venture in the teeth of the storm, to the field of the star of the company, to the hot summer in the dismal IP…… Capital resources are more and more disadvantages, to head together, and the bubble also began to gather in the tumult of this chaotic period, the fund manager how to restore justice? The reporter Chen Junling, editor of Yu Yong with a different city policy, the price trend is "Rainbow Night". With the prices first-tier cities all the way, the most expensive land frequent stride forward singing militant songs was in stark contrast to Ordos as the representative of the three or four city property market is still in the frozen period shaorenwenjin". With the regression of the real estate investment gold, once hot real estate fund now is not good to do so, shorten the process and reduce costs, cross-border television investment, overseas real estate, commercial real estate in force…… Real estate fund is becoming a big deal to deal with the current bigwigs. Erdos in trouble after a lapse of three years, Zhengbao reporters came to Erdos again, as a result of this coal prices rise, after borrowing ridden, and because of a "ghost town" famous city, has not yet out of the woods. Local people have long been indifferent to usury and house prices. Whether it is three thousand, or five thousand, or seven thousand, eight thousand, no one to buy." Pointing to the Ordos District Kangbashi Street into new buildings, a local taxi driver said, from tens of thousands to prices once the "price city", and then to now on the price of "cold", but only three or four years. At the beginning of 2012, private lending crisis first Erdos, local people are still suffering from the shock a fantasy — "the second half of the purchase of the policy will not relax on prices," the national NPC and CPPCC after will be the introduction of what the new policy is "when the reporter heard the most problems. The macro policy did not disappoint them — the first half of 2012, the central bank cut interest rates twice, RRR, first-tier cities housing prices to stabilize after the accelerated rise, "the most expensive land" to reproduce, and Ordos as the representative of the three or four line of the city, but did not have such an immediate effect, after a brief stimulus, and quickly fell into the No one shows any interest in the the bottom. More important than the policy variables, the continued decline in coal prices, coupled with the continued crisis of private lending crisis, the industry will be a very simple to the quagmire of ordos. Although after the introduction of a number of local bailout policies, but still can not stop the funds, the fact that both outflow of population. In late August, Erdos in grand on an invigorating autumn climate.相关的主题文章: