The return of the king! Faith csgo nip won the SL I league championship team www.8008205555

The return of the king! CSGO NIP SL I won the faith Corps League after 5 consecutive days of fierce fighting, in the SL i-League stars League finals, all the way through the strong faith team NIP defeated G2 team, won the SL i-League stars in the league, on the return of the king! Some game player will ask CSGO what is the most important? Young people will tell you the gun to solve all problems, the elderly will tell you the team is essential. Maybe this is not what the standard answer, but there is no doubt that in tonight’s SL I League finals, when the most delicate tactical team NIP met the most sharp marksmanship team G2, this problem has got a good comment. First of all, the two sides of the BP followed by the choice of Cache, Overpass and Cbble. Cache as the strongest figure NIP, G2 team took the initiative to choose to challenge the NIP, we can see that very confident. However, it is on the first map Cache, G2 to 7-16 score was brutally crushed NIP. Because without him, G2 players feel no state, but is not only in the NIP team tactics and the details are doing well, the team is also very sharp marksmanship, especially the old F and XIST. Then on the second map Overpass, the two top teams in the world played a very good game for us. The two teams of you come to me, to each other, fighting to double overtime. Finally, NIP came out on top, with Overpass, with a total score of 2-0 to beat G2 team. In fact, after all, there are sharp marksmanship again when eating state, but with the details of tactics and can develop steadily, and everyone is the same as the top teams occupation player, touch state up marksmanship gap is not large. Congratulations NIP team! After a few months, the faith team NIP did not let their faith powder disappointed, with the SL I League champion staged his return of the king. At the same time, the expedition of Ukraine China corps also captured the audiences all over the world through the extremely brisk performance, let the world see the infinite potential of Chinese CSGO. In 2016 this year, China’s CSGO takeoff, SL i-League Star League for the development of China’s CSGO added a milestone. Let’s remember this SL I League, it has been loudly told the world: Do remember, Chinese CSGO on the way is!相关的主题文章: