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Relics of the moon under the relics of the Hai Hou tomb. Data figure original title: the first "leave" sea land faint Hou tomb relics debut next month first Bo Legal Evening News (reporter Zhao Yingyan) more than 400 pieces of Nanchang Han Dynasty tomb unearthed relics faint Hou sea will be the first parting homeland on display to the public. This morning, the reporter learned from the capital museum, the cultural relics on display, has arrived in Beijing and Tibet capital museum library and enter the exhibition stage. The exhibition will be officially opened in March 2nd, initially for three months, gold is which can prove the identity of the owner will be on display for the first time. The sea is saved China faint Hou tomb discovered so far the best and most complete, functional layout of the structure is clear, have the most complete sacrificial system of the Western Han Dynasty liehou cemetery. Since the beginning of 2011 excavation to the end of 2015, has unearthed gold, bronze, iron, jade, lacquer ware, pottery, bamboo, straw, bamboo and wooden slips, textiles and other types of nearly 20 thousand pieces of precious cultural relics. In the excavation, it was found that the screen of lacquer ware had the characters of Confucius’s life and the portrait of Confucius. Archaeological experts said that this may be the earliest Confucius portrait found in China so far. The sea also known as the Nanchang Han Dynasty tomb faint Hou sea faint Hou tomb, located in the New District of Jiangxi Province Tang Ping Xiang Nanchang Guan Xi Cun near the sea, the tomb unearthed faint Hou is by far the best preserved China liehou grade tombs, the integrity of the main tomb, the cemetery and the surrounding Hou state capital of the site at home alone without two. According to the law late reporter, this is the second time faint Hou archaeological achievements on public display, worked in the Jiangxi Provincial Museum exhibition for a month in November last year, when only 120 pieces of cultural relics exhibition, has attracted 180 thousand spectators lined up to visit. And this is the first time after the excavation of the tomb of the Marquis of Hai farewell home exhibition. Such luxury lineup, the capital will be able to see what relics? It is understood that some will never disclosed in the media of cultural relics exhibition in the coffin to meet with the public. Previously, the sea faint Hou Tomb of archaeological excavation of the expert group, China archaeology Association Xin Lixiang said that only private India can become critical evidence to determine the identity of the tomb. And the display of cultural relics in the jade coffin. The concern is that gold is to prove the identity of the owner will be on display for the first time. The sea faint Hou tomb to the number 378 has become the most archaeological gold in Han dynasty. According to reports, in the bottom of the golden horseshoe unearthed, archaeologists found in the "on", "", "" three single text after found recorded text into sentences into paragraphs, the text is also related to the identity of the tomb. According to the law late reporter, the exhibition also extended for 3 months. Editor in chief: Li Tianyi

海昏侯墓文物下月亮相首都博物馆 海昏侯墓文物。资料图   原标题:首次“别离”故土 海昏侯墓文物下月首博亮相   法制晚报讯(记者 赵颖彦) 400余件南昌西汉海昏侯墓出土文物将首次别离故土向公众展出。今天上午,记者从首都博物馆了解到,目前展出文物,已经运抵北京入藏首都博物馆文物库并进入布展阶段。展览将在3月2日正式开幕,初定为三个月,其中能证明墓主身份的纯金器将首次展出。   海昏侯墓是中国迄今发现的保存最好、结构最完整、功能布局最清晰、拥有最完备祭祀体系的西汉列侯墓园。自2011年开始发掘至2015年底,已出土金器、青铜器、铁器、玉器、漆木器、陶瓷器、竹编、草编、纺织品和简牍、木牍等各类珍贵文物近2万件。发掘中发现漆器屏风表面有孔子生平的文字以及孔子画像。考古专家表示,这可能是迄今为止我国发现的最早的孔子画像。   海昏侯墓也称南昌西汉海昏侯墓,位于江西省南昌市新建区大塘坪乡观西村附近,海昏侯墓是中国迄今发掘的保存最好的列侯等级墓葬,其主墓、墓园及周边侯国都城遗址的完整性在国内独一无二。   据法晚记者了解,这是海昏侯考古成果第二次面向公众展出,去年11月曾在江西省博物馆展览一个月,当时参展文物仅120件,却吸引了18万名观众排队参观。而此次,是海昏侯墓发掘后首次别离故土进行展出。   如此豪华阵容,首都市民届时将能看到哪些文物?据了解,本次展出中一些从未在媒体上披露的内棺文物将与公众见面。此前,海昏侯墓考古发掘专家组组长、中国秦汉考古学会会长信立祥曾表示,只有私印才能成为断定墓主身份的关键性证据。而此次展出的内棺文物中即有玉器。   值得关注的是,能证明墓主身份的纯金器也将首次展出。海昏侯墓以378件金器的数量成为汉代考古之最。据透露,在出土马蹄金的底部,考古工作者在发现“上”、“中”、“下”三种单个文字之后,又发现了成句成段的记录性文字,文字内容也与墓主身份有关。   据法晚记者了解,此次展览初定展期为三个月。 责任编辑:李天奕相关的主题文章: