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The spirit of the long march   reinforce the foundation (lookout) – View – long march spirit is a treasure of national spirit, its main contents include the following aspects: at least willing to endure hardship, not afraid of hard revolutionary optimism; brave in battle, invincible revolutionary heroism; emphasis on realistic, independent innovation courage and solidarity, the overall situation; collectivism. President Xi important speech on the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army Long March memorial meeting to remind us that the Red Army of the road is hard and long, the new long march road will be more difficult and more long, the reform we need to have what skills and literacy in order to win the "new long march" victory? In February 16, 2015, President Xi visited the air force division, put forward to perfect the ideological and political requirements, the ability to fight, to perfect the fighting style to be perfect "strategy, it pointed out the direction, provides a guide to action, into a powerful force for the development of the construction of the army under the new situation. The grassroots is the cornerstone of military construction, is the foundation of Xing strong army troops. With the adjustment of forces to further promote the reform, to adapt to the new system, perform new functions, to fulfill the new mission, put forward new and higher requirements for the construction, the development of the situation changes, is facing a major test, is to carry forward the spirit of the Long March, according to the "four adhere to grasp the" three excellent "requirements and continuously improve the construction level, enhance the ability to deal with the risks and to fulfill the mission of the task. Strengthen the cast soul education, rooted in the grassroots. President Xi "Ideological and political practice to perfect" requirements, the first is to solve good command, to whom, who look for whom war problems, must resolutely obey the command of the party, to fight to the party, long hollow flying million is not lost. To highlight the study and implement the important speech President Xi series, to guide officers consciously follow a line, listen to the party, follow the party’s ideological foundation. At the beginning of the soldiers, from the beginning of the government, as at the beginning, built from the Party group and Party branch, from the source and strong root tissue cells, and lay a solid political background. Rely on the Party branch as the core of the grass-roots organizations to carry out the work, enhance creativity and cohesiveness and battle effectiveness of Party organizations at all levels, to always ensure that the reform does not change the color, do not turn, do not lose the transformation of information revolution, from the ideological and political organization firmly forces. Support win win, power at the grassroots level. The grassroots is fighting the "cornerstone" and "springhead", President Xi stressed that the combat effectiveness of the standard must be implemented at the grassroots level, all the work of the grassroots should focus on readiness training; to strengthen the combat training, to ensure that critical moment to go to win the war. The practice of the President Xi fighting skills to perfect "requirements, must be conducive to the tree firmly clear orientation to improve combat effectiveness, regardless of work planning, the use of force, resources, or award and typical tree culture, to have to focus on the construction of combat. Really difficult to implement tight requirements, to really fight, determined to catch opponents on training, grasping training, skill training, foot sword to win really hard training. The basic units are become too strong to break "the fight fortress", a critical moment can be called upon to come and able to fight and win the war, really shoulder the great trust of the party and the people gave the. Tobe)相关的主题文章: