The Syria army from Aleppo highway control over the Russian withdrawal melia kreiling

The Syria government control over the Russian army to retreat from the Xinhua News Agency Syria Aleppo in September 15, from a highway in Aleppo (reporter Yang Zhen Che Hongliang) Syria’s military said 15 people, the Syrian army in the afternoon from the beginning of the northern city of Aleppo, the Castello highway and the highway out of control to the Russian army, the opposition controlled areas to allow humanitarian supplies into Aleppo the eastern city. Syria’s military sources told Xinhua News Agency reporters, on the afternoon of the same day, the Syrian government forces armed vehicles and heavy weapons began to withdraw from the stronghold along the north of Aleppo city highway castro. Syrian territory of the Russian army since two days ago in the region to set up checkpoints and install cameras. A military source said that Syria and Russia after the completion of the transfer, the road will be used only for humanitarian relief, a relief team coordinated by the United Nations is expected to 16 days into the opposition controlled areas in eastern Aleppo city. The United States Department of Defense spokesman Peter · Cook 15, said at a regular news conference, U.S. military is still unable to confirm the Syria army has been withdrawn from the Castro highway. The government of the Syria has an obligation to ensure that humanitarian relief supplies enter the conflict zone. According to reports, the Syrian government two months ago to recover the Castro cut off the road, the eastern city of Aleppo armed opposition with the outside world last supply route. By August the armed opposition Syrian government forces in an important channel of Ramsa road in southern Aleppo, but last week the area by government forces recaptured. The United States and Russia, 10, the parties to the conflict in Syria to implement a new ceasefire agreement, the ceasefire agreement effective on the 12 day. If the new ceasefire agreement can be maintained for 7 days, the United States and Russia will strengthen military cooperation in Syria, including the formulation of the strategy to fight against terrorist forces in syria.相关的主题文章: