The three front together and force the Beijing modern August sales growth in the new network is bidi roxane hayward

The three front together and force the Beijing modern August sales growth – Beijing – Beijing in September 1, according to the latest data show that in July following a smooth start for the second half of the year, Beijing modern sales in August continued, with positive growth compared to the same period, a two-way reached 17% increase, sales of 820 million 250 thousand vehicles; D+S accounted for more than half, the proportion is as high as 54.1%. The outstanding performance benefit joint force in the Beijing modern three front effect: new car "T" continued angry; family lineup surfaced; SUV family is a trend which cannot be halted. Facing the new normal car market slowdown, Beijing modern comprehensive strengthening competitiveness, not only let Beijing modern sales "off-season", also after millions of times sales continued to grow, as well as the brand’s two promotion and lay a solid foundation. New front: collar continuous June break million data show that the new leader in August sales of 10166 vehicles, which is the lead since the listing in March, continuous sales in the past ten thousand in June, the average monthly sales reached nearly 11 thousand and 800. As the three consecutive years of sales exceeded one million units of the joint venture enterprises, this year the Beijing modern task is "the growth, structural adjustment, new car sales growth is driven by the guide is an important measure to achieve the goal, and moving the collar is one of key pieces. With the integration of a large number of science and technology and the trend of the new trend of moving elements, leading to lead the intermediate car young, intelligent, listed on the first month that sales break million, then all the way to the hanging, bring a strong impact on the existing mid size car market. Recently, dynamic collar pushed 1.4T – Xuandong vitality, to 129800 yuan price to the market, not only to further refine the lead in T dynamic models of the product layout, and greatly reduce the joint venture brand T power intermediate car access threshold. With the new flagship wins 7 seat 2.0T of upgrade and 2017 paragraph of the ninth generation Sonata, and listed acceptable, Beijing modern car front will play a more and more powerful. T family front: T Motor City, should not be underestimated at present, Beijing Hyundai T powered cars accounted for more than half of the main pin models, with T dynamic models T power series, product sales accounted for nearly 60% of the proportion of the future will be higher. From the first section of the T power car new Shengda count, Beijing Hyundai T family cumulative sales of more than 250 thousand vehicles. All along, Beijing Hyundai efforts to market trends based on the insight and anticipation of the rapid response to the layout of the product to adjust, designed to provide consumers with more quality products. With the T dynamic models of high efficiency and low energy consumption has become the market trend, Beijing modern power technology began to increase T investment. At the same time, T power +7 speed dual clutch gearbox applications, not only can bring better acceleration performance and peace, but also greatly reduce fuel consumption, car costs further decline. At present, the T family continues to expand, a total of 2 models, including SUV and a total of 3 cars, including C,, D, S all product level, displacement coverage of 1.4T, 1.6T, 2.0T, the mainstream of dynamic categories. In the second half of this year, with the introduction of ix25 1.6T models, north.相关的主题文章: