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Internet-and-Business-Online If youve been in the online business for some time, you are surely aware how vital email newsletters could be in internet marketing. Email newsletters do not only help keep your customers informed but they also add a significant increase into your revenues. Even if youre just a small time online vendor to somebody who owns an online business with millions of subscribers, youll benefit from having a great email newsletter service. The first decision youll be faced when getting an email newsletter service is to choose between opting to: purchase software that you can install on your own host so you can manage it within the company, or contract a company which offers an email newsletter service. If you choose an in-house solution for you email newsletter needs, make sure that you have a strong IT department which can easily learn and manage the email software application. Of course, your IT team should also be capable of handling upgrades and maintenance issues. In-house email newsletter services are also perfect if you have some security concerns in keeping your data private as much as possible. Also, in-house email services require a costlier initial investment, but minimize or totally eliminate monthly fees. However, a really good IT group is needed to make it work best. If you cant be certain about your IT people, then you might as well play it safer and opt for an outsourced email newsletter service solution. The best thing about these services is that you dont have worry about software maintenance or upgrades. The monthly fees that youre going to pay cover all these. The prices of such services vary widely, depending on your specific needs. If the volume of your subscribers is not that large, you can actually avail of some free email newsletter services. However, these services may only have limited features when compared to the paid service. Heres a list of the top five email newsletter service providers. Before you decide on which one you choose, make sure that you have extensively researched on the service features they offer, as well as the features offered by their competitors. This way, youll be able to get the most cost effective service there is. Aweber This is probably one of the greatest email newsletter services available. It doesnt come free, however, but the price is very reasonable. For only $19.95 a month, youll be able to send newsletters to 10 000 subscribers, and for every 10 000 more subscribers, you only need to add $9.95. Aweber provides superb customer service, not to mention that setting and managing it up is virtually easy. They also have a good RSS to email service. Awebers delivery rate is incredibly high. And in choosing an email newsletter service, delivery rate should be a major consideration. However, you may not be able to import your current list of subscribers. Your readers or subscribers must opt-in for the second time to be included in the mailing list. Aweber is known to a stickler when it comes to spam. Feedblitz Another cheap but great email newsletter service is Feedblitz. With just around $5 a month, you can send daily, weekly and customized emails. Theyre also perfect when it comes to delivering blog contents. Unlike Aweber, they dont require another opt-in if you want to import your current mailing list. Constant Contact Constant Contact boasts of an easy-to-use platform. You can even customize the settings to suit your specific business needs. Constant Contact also has a great tracker which you can use to identify which subscriber opened which email and clicked on which link. The price is a bit higher though. Its less than $500 a month for 100 000 emails. Active Campaign You could also check out Active Campaign. It doesnt charge you per email but you have the option to purchase add-ons. It also works very well with emails in html setup. For subscribers of nearly 40 000, you can still expect outstanding service from Active Campaign. Campaign Monitor Campaign Monitor offers an awesome email newsletter service. You probably cant find any flaws with their email service. However, the major drawback of campaign monitor is its price. You would have to pay about once cent for each email, so just think of how much itll cost you if youre sending 200 000 plus emails in a month. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: