The town has the big love Pujiang one day to raise 100 thousand to help poor students through Zhejia

The town has the big love Pujiang one day to raise 100 thousand to help poor students of Zhejiang University through "just a day," Pro blue chip "to raise 100 thousand yuan donation on the completed! Five days or so, it will be on your account, you will not have to worry about the medical fee." The afternoon of September 20th, when Sheng Xianhui parents heard Pujiang County staff brought news, exhausted face with a smile, thanked. One side, right ear is completely deaf but Sheng Xianhui is not happy. He felt that he was making trouble for everyone. Sheng Xianhui is Pujiang County Huaqiao river village before everyone called "Zhejiang University Student", was diligent, outstanding, has always been a good student teacher and classmates is also worthy of the name, the family and the villagers are most proud of the glory. In his old house on the walls plastered with Sheng Xianhui from primary school to senior high school graduation year of "three good student" and other awards. Fortunately, however, not always the big boy. Last year, graduated from the Zhejiang University of the process equipment and control engineering, in June of this year, Zhejiang hospital diagnosed two brain neurofibromatosis, compression of the auditory nerve, leading to deaf in the right ear. If not treated immediately, will lead to paralysis. But the treatment to multiple operations, the entire cost of more than 100 yuan. However, the home of the grandmother was born in the bed, was a soldier’s father mild stroke, mother’s disease ridden, there is no way to afford the medical expenses. The matter through the "Pujiang today" and other media reports in Pujiang, caused widespread concern in the community. Some people in love asked to address, bank account, directly to their donations, the amount of nearly 30 thousand yuan. Pujiang county Party committee will report the matter to the provincial Party committee, and at half past five on the afternoon of 19, in the WeChat Pro Green chips launched the congregation raised. 20 yuan, 500 yuan,…… Less than four hours, the amount of $50 thousand target quickly raised. At this point, there are still many people who love to contact the county committee, said he would like to continue donations. After docking with the provincial Party committee, the same day at ten o’clock in the evening, the public raised the target amount increased to $100 thousand. To 20 o’clock in the afternoon or so, the amount of $100 thousand will soon be raised in place. The county staff is also the first time with a "Pro Green platform to raise the public to raise public interest relief application form" came to Sheng Xianhui home, after Sheng Xianhui and his father’s signature, this love money and quickly reach the hands of Sheng Xianhui. These people love, one will not use the old party WeChat, home is not very rich, but heard of Sheng Xianhui’s later, he commissioned the Xian Street Youth League Secretary Sun Fengbiao came to the county for donations. "500 yuan is not a lot, just a little bit of my heart, I hope so promising children can get better." There is a former Wu Kai Zhejiang University Alumni Zhou Binbin hostel. He was informed of the situation in Sheng Xianhui, immediately linked to the mission of the county Party committee, said that from September 20th to the beginning of October 8th, each person in a room, from which to donate 50 yuan to help Sheng Xianhui. There are many unknown friends silently support Sheng Xianhui, which makes Pujiang this town full of love and positive energy. In Sheng Xianhui’s home, I saw two PubMed review materials. Originally, Sheng Xianhui before the test once the thinking of research, shuoboliandu,.相关的主题文章: