The transfer of shares of listed companies sought after ST companies are keen to sell shell

The transfer of shares of listed companies sought after *ST companies are keen to sell the investment adviser Paul shell contest: catch demon king peek investment shares Sina App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the Securities Times reporter Zhang Qianyao 2016 in the third quarter performance report concluded, the focus of the market in aggregate earnings rose and the profitability of the company. In Ruoshi among the mergers and acquisitions to become the most determined theme, from the beginning to now, there are dozens of controlling shareholders of listed companies through the transfer agreement or public listing of the way of transfer of ownership, the company has been concerned about the market. In less than two months, Sichuan’s shares have nearly doubled by three times. On the evening of October 27th, the Sichuan double horse released the third quarter report in the period of suspension, with the operating income of 1 billion 516 million yuan, an increase of 4.94%; net profit of 46 million 379 thousand yuan, while the same period last year loss of 86 million 490 thousand and 700 yuan, turning losses into profits. Sichuan’s three quarter performance is not brisk, but it is the change of the real control people that has attracted wide attention in the market. In August 22nd, the former major shareholder of Sichuan Shuangma Lafarge announced its withdrawal from the largest shareholder, with IDG background of harmonious Hengyuan actual controller Lin Dongliang will become the actual controller of a listed company’s new. Coincidentally, Colin environmental October 12th announcement, the actual controller intends to hold 19% of the total shares, the agreement transferred to Chongqing East Prudential Investment Co., Ltd., Li Dong will become the company’s new actual controller. Subsequently, the company’s stock trading rapid volume, the stock price approaching the highest level in history. In the next 12 months, the plan of selling, merging and joint venture with other companies and their subsidiaries should not be excluded. In addition, the transfer of control after the news release, yingetouzi, pillars of the new material stock price hit a new high in recent years; Macro and sage oil service officially entered in the new controlling shareholder after the suspension of the reorganization plan. In fact, the "equity transfer" and "justice" concept is similar, that a listed company may be easy to master. Sought after by the market, investors see nothing outside the new owners of the capital after the recruit". With the end of the three quarterly disclosure, *ST companies with delisting crisis are also busy preparing for the end of the battle to protect the shell. Data show that, at present, there are 39 *ST companies may pause the risk of listing, but in these companies, more than 70% of listed companies to adopt a restructuring way to protect the shell; and nearly 20% of listed companies to sell assets to protect the shell. Interestingly, *ST Nanjing B because sold two sets of Beijing District Housing losses security shell, and in the capital market to fame. Selling land is not only a shortcut to the A stock prices dress up performance, and become a real non listed company shell protection "the hand of god". Following the *ST B real Nanjing Paul shell, a number of listed companies Phi star hats have to follow. Only since September, there *ST Xin Mei, innovation, HNA Green Court and other 7 companies choose to sell real estate in first-tier cities. Of these 7 companies, 5 companies are in the first half of this year

上市公司股权转让受追捧 *ST公司热衷卖房保壳 全国投顾大赛:偷看投顾大王捉妖股 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   证券时报记者 张骞爻   2016年三季度业绩报告披露落下帷幕,市场焦点聚集在业绩大涨和扭亏为盈的公司上。而在弱市之中,并购重组成为最为确定的题材,从年初到现在,已有数十家上市公司控股股东通过协议转让或公开挂牌的方式转让控股权,相关公司备受市场关注。   不到两个月时间,四川双马的股价翻了近三倍。   10月27日晚间,停牌中的四川双马发布了第三季度报告,期内实现营业收入15.16亿元,同比增长4.94%;实现净利润4637.9万元,而去年同期亏损8649.07万元,同比扭亏为盈。   四川双马的三季度业绩表现并不亮眼,然而引起市场广泛关注的正是实控人的转变。8月22日,四川双马原大股东拉法基宣布退出第一大股东地位,拥有IDG背景的和谐恒源实际控制人林栋梁将成为上市公司新的实际控制人。   无独有偶,科林环保10月12日公告实际控制人拟将合计持有的19%股份,协议转让给重庆东诚瑞业投资有限公司,黎东将成为公司新的实际控制人。随后该公司股票交投迅速放量,股价逼近历史最高水平。   接盘方东城瑞业也表示,未来12个月内,不排除筹划针对上市公司及其子公司的资产和业务进行出售、合并、与他人合资或合作的计划。   此外,控股权转让消息发布后,银鸽投资、栋梁新材股价创近几年来新高;万家乐和仁智油服在新的控股股东正式入主后即停牌筹划重组。   事实上“股权转让”与“举牌”概念相似,都是说上市公司可能要易主了。之所以受到市场追捧,投资者看中的无外乎是新主人的资本“后招”。   随着三季报披露的结束,有着退市危机的*ST公司也纷纷紧张备战年底的保壳之战。数据显示,目前,有39家*ST公司存在有可能暂停上市的风险,不过在这些公司中,有逾七成的上市公司采取了重组的方式保壳;另有近两成的上市公司采取卖资产的方式保壳。有意思的是,*ST宁通B因为卖出北京两套学区房减亏保壳,而在资本市场名声大噪。   卖房卖地不但是A股非房企扮靓业绩的一个捷径,而且成了非房上市公司保壳的“上帝之手”。继*ST宁通B卖房保壳后,多家披星戴帽的上市公司纷纷效仿。   仅9月份以来,便有\*ST新梅、海航创新、绿庭等7家公司选择出售位于一线城市的房产。这7家公司中,有5家公司今年上半年处于亏损状态,而且有3家公司是今年上半年和去年都出现了亏损。   9月30日,*ST人乐公告称将位于长沙的一处成本为1.38亿元的物业以4.36亿元出售给大股东。据测算,此举将会为上市公司贡献1.2亿元净利润。业界认为,*ST人乐此时出售房产,保壳意图非常明显。结合*ST人乐三季报数据来看,该公司摘帽概率可以预见。   数据统计显示,截至今年上半年,嘉凯城、新光圆成、中铁二局、天津松江等77家去年和今年上半年均亏损的上市公司持有“投资性房产”,这些上市公司中,不排除会有一些公司为了保壳选择出售房产。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: