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The United States Texas election early voting record number of Republican Party bin pan "blue" – Beijing, China News Agency, Houston (reporter Wang Huan) in October 25, the U.S. Republican Party Cangdeke Texas, from the beginning of the 24 day of 2016 an early vote, the fourth largest city of Houston is located in Harris County and the Texas on the first day of voting in a record breaking number. Many analysts and voters have said that the two candidates in Texas to toss up, "this year’s election, everything is possible". After 18 months of media "bombing" reported that the two nominees tug contest, and three television debate after the Texas tit for tat, the number of voters in the first day the most early voting record. According to the "Houston Chronicle" news, Texas the most populous county of Harris on the day of the 24 have 67471 people to vote, to vote in advance on the first day of 2012 broke the record of 47093 people. Another 61543 people by mail vote, so that the total number of people involved in the first day of early voting to reach nearly 130 thousand. Dallas County, and Talonguard also reported a record breaking number of the first day of voting. Some voters had to queue for hours. Election officials say the last time they saw such a large turnout was in 2008. Harris county this year is 12 days early voting with 46 site record, on the first day of every hour 6000 votes were cast. The clerk Stan · Stan Stuart confirmed that his office received many complaints about queuing too long, suggest that voters find more locations and choose some new and less busy site voting. Texas currently registered voters of more than 15 million people, about 59% of likely voters said they plan to vote in advance. As the Republican "Piaocang, a Texas Democratic Party won the presidential election dates back to 1976. With the latest poll, Trump in Texas narrowly ahead of Hilary, the "Hilary won the Texas" topic of concern in this year’s election eve. Living in the suburbs of Houston oil company employees, Democrat Casey · Maurice told News Agency reporters, "I believe that the people of Texas do not need to look at the polls will know how to vote. Imagine: the first woman with a lot of experience in politics, this year is the best time to make a change." "Clinton can lead texas." The Texas Democratic Party chairman Gilberto · Hinojosa said, "for decades, we have never been close to the presidential election, but this is different, because the Republicans irresponsible to nominate a so far not all qualified candidates." The local Democratic leaders predicted that black and Latino voters will play a role, many Republicans defected news constantly appear in newspapers. East Texas Lauren parish Republican judge said on Friday, she left the Republican Party as a Democrat, because "I cannot reconcile Christian faith and the Republicans are out of the way". Federal congressman Sheila · · Lee 24 news相关的主题文章: