The White House appointed retired generals served as the first federal Chief Information Security Of

The White House appointed retired generals served as the first federal chief information security officer of Sohu technology [Technews] science news network era people through the network links more closely, but also means that the danger also increased, such as information security threats, or with national power in support behind cyber attacks. Facing the challenges of information security is becoming more and more serious, the white house before the date of its commitment of 8 months ago, the appointment of Gregory Touhill veterans served as the first Chief Information Security Officer (Chief Information Security Officer, CISO). The U.S. chief information officer Tony Scott and Information Security Coordinator J. Michael Daniel Gregory Touhill jointly announced as the first chief information security officer, and said the job to the development, planning and implementation of the Federal Information Security policy. In the announcement, it also points out the main role of the chief information security officer is to ensure that the formulation of policies, strategies and habits, and can smooth operation in different units, led the federal government in twenty-first Century when the station’s leadership in the field. Touhill is a retired US Air Force brigadier general, along with the new position, and 19 billion of the budget. But Touhill is a government officer, I am afraid that the term will end with Obama. Touill is currently the deputy director of the Department of Homeland Security Network Security Office (cyber security and communications, C); C&. In addition the White House task interim deputy chief information security officer, by the current National Security Council Information Security Policy convener Grant Schneider as. Recently, information security in the United States may not be good, was leaked from the Democratic Party to the media by email, hacker attacks, or firewall products are locked and find a loophole attack, must guard against from the national level. For more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News Links相关的主题文章: