The World tyrants sing book Kunlun Hui — reading the first trek,

The World tyrants sing book "Kunlun Hui" — reading the first trek, Beijing in September 7, the mystery writers of the World tyrants sing book "Kunlun Hui" recently the first trek. According to Xinhua News Agency pioneer, the work will be the layout of the entire IP industry chain, to create 2016 New World tyrants sing". Talking about the book, the World tyrants sing said: "Kunlun Hui" trek is all of my works, the most abundant element, is the most complex, the most bizarre imagination of a work, not one of the." According to the World tyrants sing, "Kunlun Hui". The initial trek on 2005 November, at that time because of the time, the idea of the final compression, content is written only four volumes, so the World tyrants sing every time in retrospect, that is a pity. The publication of the new "Kunlun market" by more than 100 thousand word trek more than the original, completely make up of the original defects, presentation before the comparison is more mature, more full, more story. It is understood that the "Kunlun market" about trek Pangu opens on the occasion, there is a bottle of fairy world, the story spread by Xian bottle. It is said that there are gods from the bottle to bottle for Kunlun because of ancient Shanxi and the queen mother, named as "Kunlun in market, which is recorded later in the classics" Kunlun hui". The bottle is guarded by a slave, but the slave is free and free of suffering. One day get a bottle of slave Road, road design to help him steal the bottle of Xian fled from Kunlun, and the bottle hidden in the house, home to two in Wonderland, no longer ignore things, although isolated, was also happy to do the bottle without Jiazi, leisurely and carefree, cold do not, nor know to live how many years. Suddenly one day, a group of things hit come in, when the alien civilization and modern humans, and China had a war triggered at any moment accidentaly across…… "Kunlun Hui" trek by Xinhua pioneer sole agent, is responsible for the development and operation of the paper version of the book publishing and the whole industry chain IP. It is reported that the current Xinhua Pioneer have multiple original works of the World tyrants sing the IP copyright, is committed to the development of the different style of the "World tyrants sing" IP industry chain. (He Cheng)   (Shiyao Huang Wei, commissioning editor: soup)相关的主题文章: