Their hair comb oil head began to tease Mei , plus the value of Yan was handsome bent!

Their hair comb oil head began to tease Mei ", plus the value of Yan was handsome bent! Long, long hair is the goddess of the representative, when little Elmar, Taylor, Liu Yiyun and other Chinese and foreign celebrities make short hair style, not only color burst table values, but they are up to the girl! #… Handsome male (female) bending protagonist – Miller # handsome T protagonist Miller invincible warm male trait, one vote (female) ~ fans fascinated in life, Miller is Edison Chan Juice Sanlitun store manager, flower arm tattoo trend traits show below, to see her sister Liao dafa! Taylor Swift # #… Like Miller has more than 180 height, and our Taylor, even did not cut Qi ear hair, hair is neat girls from various! Multi level BOB long bangs, modify her face, short hair made her face look more delicate. This hairstyle let Taylor look long bangs and shades conform to no conventional pattern, texture to help her to add a lot of points… # Kristen Stewart # if there is one perfect interpretation of punk elves is short, that is Kristen Stewart! For a full face. Do not comb when oil head, hair up, plus a top anti wearing a baseball cap, simply put people handsome ~ # Emma Watson # bend… "Harry Potter" star Emma Watson, a blink of an eye is 25 years old, neat short hair has an intellectual professional degree, and she is in line with the image of the female voice in when the hair lead hair craze, the little boy looks like Elmar and somewhat refined temperament from hair cut short hair sign after the wizard, how is the goddess! #… Amber Liu Yiyun #Amber Liu Yiyun, is a woman of combination of F (x) member of the hair oil head is her super fine features! The bold side hair shaved off, left side bangs, the avant-garde fashion interpretation. Undercut highlights the perfect smooth and clean, she like a spirit of exquisite face is looking more and more like? Now this hairstyle, but also many girls picked short hair style! Miley Cyrus # #… Miley is depressed by Disney bad, after the transformation has been rolling oil head specialist bangs and high-level atmosphere champagne elves is full of Cyrus Rocker Miley let hair, Miley was playing a different style ~… # Amber Kuo # Amber Kuo was the first location lovely girl yogurt. With the hair is shorter, it becomes more and more stylish girl image… # s # s know her own whims, hair really suits her, her head has almost become the oil line sign! #… Xun Zhou # Zhou Gongzai has always been the ancient clever woman, older than forty years, a short hair keeps this girly Xun Zhou a short hair, cut the heart of words can be dirty enough, Liu Haihai’s brow who can not cut! #… Lunmei Kwai Lunmei Kwai # short hair style, let her temperament big plus, Liu revealed faint eyebrows!相关的主题文章: