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The Dead Sea region has been known for its medicinal and therapeutic properties for thousands of years. Its pure, mineral-rich waters and warm, temperate climate has made the area a center of wellness and treatment centers, and has long attracted visitors from around the world. The healing qualities of the Dead Sea are mentioned in numerous ancient writings. Cleopatra recognized the beautifying aspects of the Dead Sea and reportedly had cosmetic factories and retreats built along its shores. Biblically, it was a refuge and retreat for King David, and was the subject of a prophecy claiming that the Dead Sea would one day .e to life. According to Josephus Flavius, a first-century historian, King Herod used to find relief for his aching body in the waters of the hot springs in the area. The wonder of the Dead Sea has been appreciated by many civilizations. Remnants of a Roman aqueduct on the slopes of Ein Navait testify that the hot water of the spring was transported for use at the fortress nearby. The Dead Sea has fascinated people for thousands of years and is a true natural wonder. Its shores constitute the land of lowest elevation on the planet, and the waters hold a tremendous amount of salt so much, that swimmers float on the surface without even trying. The Dead Sea is the second saltiest body of water in the world, with 33% salt. This is due to water flowing into the Dead Sea from surrounding sources and evaporating, leaving a large percentage of salt behind. The water is amazingly rich in salt and minerals, containing sulfur, chlorine and bromine, and it reaches temperatures of 39 degrees centigrade. The Dead Sea was formed at the meeting point of two geological faults. Over millions of years, rain in the area as well as waters from the Red Sea and surrounding rivers and streams filled the chasm. The chasm grew larger as the plates in the earth drifted apart. The land between what is now the Dead Sea and the ocean rose until the waters of the sea could no longer flood the area, and thus the chasm became a lake. Natural Cures for Many Ailments: Dead Sea Mud Paks – Spas by the Sea The natural curative elements of the region are the mineral waters of the Dead Sea and the springs, the therapeutic mud, and the unique climate of the area. For the most part, the numerous mineral-rich hot springs along the western shore of the Dead Sea have been mapped and researched in detail. The spring water is the result of a mixture of elements from several nearby water sources at various subterranean strata with different hydro-geological regimes. The main .ponents of the spring water are: – Dilute solutions of ancient waters that are held in the layers of rock that surround the Dead Sea. – Dilute solutions of Dead Sea water. – Rainwater, trapped thousands of years ago in the sediment around the lake. – Present-day rainwater that has seeped underground and has diluted the concentrations of water already there. Dead Sea Mud with Therapeutic Properties The high temperatures of the spring water along the length of the fault indicate a depth of hundreds of meters at its source, where the water almost reaches boiling point. The physical makeup and heat of the spring water can be .pared to water within the human body, and thus provides us many natural treatments without side-effects. The hydrostatic pressures of the water provides amazing therapy, as they influence our blood circulation and breathing. The high mineral content provides a direct supply of various chemical .pounds, and also gives rise to the absorption and discharge of ions through the skin. Some of this hot mineral water arises freely while some is pumped from various depths according to the temperature required. It serves as a cure for diseases of the blood, kidneys and skin, as well as for rheumatic conditions. Dead Sea Spas Both the natural beauty of the region and the many healing properties of the sea itself make the Dead Sea a hotbed of retreats, treatment centers, and spas. There are many different varieties of clinical facilities at the many Dead Sea spas, some of which provide medical supervision and counseling. The water contains many minerals that promote health and wellness. The main minerals at work here are magnesia, known for its anti-allergic effect on the skin and bronchial tubes; bromine, which has a positive influence on the nervous system; and iodine, helpful in the functioning of various glands. The minerals of the Dead Sea are also used in many cosmetics and skin care products. Treatments for Rheumatism, Gynecological Diseases and Bronchial Conditions Sea Water Pool – A Spa by the Dead Sea Both bathing in the sea itself and in enclosed pools of Dead Sea water are integral parts of the treatments offered to visitors here. The salt concentration in the Dead Sea prevents the body from sinking, giving visitors the pleasure of floating effortlessly. This phenomenon is not only enjoyable the buoyancy humans experience in this water also facilitates physiotherapeutic exercises for various rheumatic conditions, muscle spasms, and the treatment of fractures. Dead Sea mud used in the form of masks is also a popular treatment here. The mud is derived from clay sediments rich in organic .pounds. These .pounds originate from animal and plant life, as well as from the asphalt and algae that accumulates in the lake over time. The nutrient-rich mud aids in the treatment of rheumatism and paralysis. The mud is also helpful in treating gynecological diseases, as it contains many hormones, among them estrogen, which assist in the formation of the mucous tissues of the uterus. Although the medicinal properties of the water have not yet been adequately researched, the Dead Sea is considered a great therapeutic resource and is on of the most popular centers of health and wellness in the world. In addition to the medicinal properties of the water, the climate and atmosphere of the region have a therapeutic value of their own. The area boasts the high atmospheric pressure and highest oxygen content on earth, as well as extremely low levels of harmful ultra-violet radiation. This permits prolonged sun bathing year-round, without danger of burning. The air in the region is exceptionally pure, lacking the usual levels of pollution present elsewhere. Breathing in the clean air here is known to ease many bronchial conditions, including asthma and bronchitis. The .bination of low humidity and high evaporation contributes to the acceleration of the bodys metabolic processes, and aids in the stimulation of cell and tissue regeneration. Treatment of Psoriasis. The Dead Sea waters and climate offer a unique treatment against the condition Psoriasis. In many clinical studies, psoriasis patients have experienced both marked relief and .plete clearance of the condition, after taking hot mineral baths, bathing in the sea itself, and spending time in solariums to take advantage of the uniquely filtered sunlight. A further advantage offered by Dead Sea treatments lies in the immeasurable improvement in the patients state of mind, as they are far away from the depressing atmosphere of a hospital. The doctors in the medical centers of the region always offer explanations of treatment, and the physical location is spectacular. Medical insurance .panies are catching on to this relatively inexpensive, pleasant treatment and many will pay the trip and treatment costs for patients. This is good for everyone involved, as it frees up space and resources in hospitals elsewhere. Moreover, up until now, patients usually have, for vanity reasons, been too embarrassed to uncover the affected parts of their body at public beaches. This is not the case here the patients find they are not alone in their suffering and feel quite at home in the beauty that surrounds the Dead Sea. The Wonder of the Dead Sea The unique physical and chemical characteristics of the Dead Sea make the region a popular destination for those seeking treatments for a variety of conditions. Its no wonder the Dead Sea continues to be a popular destination for tourists, physicians and individuals seeking relief from various ailments. In all its breathtaking beauty, the Dead Sea offers relief and effective natural treatments for an astounding variety of conditions. 相关的主题文章: