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These few people Cixi Jing Mei also free local Sina micro-blog | tourism in 2016 09 months 18 days 10:51 Cixi these places less, Jing Mei key is free! Whooping crane town   here than in Xitang than in Wuzhen alone, there are quiet, "he Gao scenic Suzhou tour" in the world. With the whooping crane town is an old black and white photos as quiet as the southern town. Town yard, mountain, water, residential side by side, well-proportioned. The ancient buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties luxury variety, courtyard, Zoumalou, slope roof tiles, horse herringbone gable tracery doors and windows and window stone house full of charm, exquisite carving style and unique historical and cultural atmosphere. Here with not too many visitors, even on weekends to need not be packed; no commercial serious shop, only the local people to operate in a pastry shop; no scene of debauchery bar street, walking on the flagstone street at night, hanging lanterns are quiet. In the picture the whooping crane in the ancient town, did not need too much thought, slowly swinging in the alley, making dumplings and rice cake with sugar ball in the hands of mice, a taste of the memories of the satisfaction with the encounter; antique Chinese medicine center and Museum of traditional Chinese medicine herbs, see the old cabinet, listen the history and story of traditional Chinese medicine; with occasional Fuyuan teahouse, a cup of tea and health, life…… In the ancient town of the crane, it seems to go through a few decades ago, the old, but warm. Figure Tips: address: Cixi Guanhaiwei town Zhenming crane tickets: free bus: 206 Road, 226 road Zhiming crane station crane field Ming Hing, walk to the scenic drive: 329 State Road, South Road, Luo Ming Ming Xing Xi Lu – [Sina] the tourist attractions declaration permitted without authorization, any unit and individuals shall not be reproduced excerpts or otherwise use. 1 Sina micro-blog | tour in 2016 09 months 18 days 10:51   Hetou village; a village if there are several old trees, several buildings preserved Ming and Qing Dynasties old, another one or two monuments, it can be regarded as the history of the already visited. But if it is richly endowed by nature he tou Cun existence, hundreds of years old trees have more than and 90 trees, there are three road, countless preserved houses and streets, old, historical and cultural relics can be found everywhere should come to the point. The whole village surrounded with silk, because the glittering aqua, added a Reiki, two and three points to the village and handsome. The gray walls in black tiles, the mountains industrious to clean the courtyard. On the streets, the neighbors often get together the spirit of the market. No matter how changes in the outside world, the village is still quiet simple. Tips: address: Cixi City Longshan Zhen Fang Jia He tou Cun tickets: free bus: bus 206 road to the Fang River Drive: 329 State Road, Avenue – transverse rib line Kuanyan spots Feng Pu Ao   Feng Pu Ao village is located in the south of Shandong Longshan Town West Peng Lu, three green mountains surrounded, 3相关的主题文章: