This cooperative VR game center can give you 100 dollars to play for 30 minutes (video) mycoolboy

This cooperative VR game center allows you to play 30 dollars a minute Tencent (Leon) two years ago, Christian Bouw left his hometown in Washington, DC, began his entrepreneurial journey. Now, the founder of the company NotionVR, has released 43 virtual reality games, just spend $15 (about 100 yuan) to experience the next 30 minutes. And unlike other similar projects is that the content of NotionVR pay more attention to cooperation. The future of the VR game center will be like this no longer lonely virtual reality amusement park project in NotionVR, 14 of them are designed game content for HTC Vive development, the company also plans to publish content on the other VR platform, including Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift etc.. Different from the existing virtual reality amusement center is NotionVR, the content of more cooperation, although a room can only accommodate a HTC Vive, but can be linked by a multi room system, to realize the interaction, such as the AltSpace VR app. In fact, NotionVR founder Christian Bouw believes that the virtual reality experience should be closer to Nintendo’s earlier game console Wii, providing a cooperative, dynamic and interesting game. Obviously, the biggest problem is that the current virtual reality of loneliness, and this feeling may be suitable at home alone, but not suitable for a public, open entertainment space. Of course, the virtual reality amusement park is still in the initial stage, NotionVR’s current business scope is only focused on the east coast of the US, the next few weeks will gradually enter the the Atlantic area, may bring a virtual reality more intimate experience for the people. Source: techradar相关的主题文章: