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Chongyang just kind of a new beginning – Sohu comments Xinjiang network is the Double Ninth Festival, the traditional Chinese festival for the elderly, the elderly and Chinese legal festival. This year, this double ninth. The Double Ninth Festival, all over the country to carry out a wide range of care for the elderly to show sympathy and love for the old volunteer service, community games and other forms of activities, is to respect for the elderly, with vigour and vitality, and love for the old atmosphere of unprecedented strong. This day, for the elderly, elderly home, become a social organization HelpAge favorite places. This day, children of the family, is most caring for their parents is the wandering time. However, Chongyang once a year, slower and faster today, bustling, thriving home, will soon become tomorrow’s clean sweep of yellow. For seniors, to "energy-saving", has become a 365 day long wait. But we want to say, the festival once a year, for the warm but not go with the festival. The Double Ninth Festival is for the day should be the beginning of a new year for the festival, through the fire, let the whole society understand the old man’s respect, understanding and respect for the more significance, from the beginning of the day, let the home become a norm in every family and the whole society. A public service advertisement of CCTV every day, the interpretation of the process of life: first in infancy, parents love, then is babbling, learning to walk, go to school, as a young spark, Fenghua youth, and then enter the society, from children to parents who, from middle age to old age, to be the children and the society to respect the elderly sunset. The growth of a person’s life is almost all changes in every moment, the life of a person from being raised by their parents, to their children’s respect for the changing process of reincarnation, it seems to think. In fact, for this is a process of reincarnation. People often say that parents today, tomorrow is the children’s respect is to respect your own. There are, for when time, filial piety should not be late. Indeed, these are not without reason. Life is old, from being raised, to be the king, such as dozens of years. In the process of life, people always feel the respect and be respected thick family. From the start for the Chongyang, the key is to know the meaning of holiday homes for the people. This festival is a festival for the elderly, nursing homes for the holiday needs, but more of a process, the real significance lies in through the holiday promotion, carrying forward the national traditional filial piety old, leading the society for fashion, to stimulate people’s consciousness of nursing. From the start for the Chongyang, is the requirement of the times. Now, the degree of aging in our country is relatively serious, according to the data report: 60 years of age and above population of 212 million 420 thousand people, accounting for the total population of 15.5%, over the age of 65 and a population of 137 million 550 thousand people, accounting for the total population of 10.1%. The degree of population aging deepened, means for the mission is arduous, society must increase for investment, each person must bear more respect for the obligations. From the start for the Chongyang, is the ultimate goal of emotion. Respect for the elderly can not rely on the holiday, in fact, the elderly need is usually a like, every little bit of love, rather than "Rain Festival" and "wind". In fact, the requirements of the elderly are not high相关的主题文章: