Tiangong two Science and technology innovation to create a five-star home space peepsamurai

Tiangong two: Science and technology innovation to create the "five space" map: China Temple space station imagination figure original title: Temple No. two: Science and technology innovation to create the "five space" launch in high and low temperature cross "Rainbow Night" challenge of severe vibration, filled with high-energy particles, the universe ray environment…… In such conditions, Tiangong two can provide a comfortable and warm home for astronauts? "Economic Daily" reporter from the founder of Tiangong two and Shenzhou eleven – Fifth Research Institute of Aerospace Science and technology group company was informed that the researchers in the development of the Shenzhou and Tiangong two No. eleven in the process of design, implementation, with ease, intimate "three hearts" project, and strive to build the "five space" as the pilot and make them feel comfortable and warm "home" in the distant deep space. Solid as a "Dinghaishenzhen" maintenance like "plug U disk" "journey to the west" in a Dinghaishenzhen, Tiangong two space laboratory above also has a "Dinghaishenzhen", it is the control moment gyroscope (CMG). CMG is a control component for attitude maneuver and attitude stabilization of spacecraft. "Without CMG, the flexibility of satellites and space stations would be much worse, and the ability to adjust to changes would be small. With CMG, the maneuverability of the spacecraft will be greatly enhanced." Aerospace Science and technology group company held 502 scientific research personnel told reporters. CMG structure is complex, weight, volume, mechanical design, thermal design is difficult, has been the "neck" project. 502 scientific research personnel since 1998 to start research, with more than ten years time eating under this hoe. In 2011, Tiangong-1 (micro-blog) the successful launch of the telemetry data, indicates that China has independently developed the CMG for the first time in the successful application, make our country become the world’s third country to master this technology. "200NmsCMG output torque Tiangong two above steady torque, high resolution, debuted at the Tiangong-1 mission, during service attitude control accuracy is higher than the design target, on orbit stability, excellent performance." Expert introduction. Tiangong two sealing structure is to protect the safety of another magic weapon. Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation five general department official told reporters: "the structure of Tiangong two is an external vacuum, there are 1 internal pressure. Evaluation of its safety is very important aspect, that is, in 2 years of in orbit flight process, the amount of leakage is very small. Just like a good basketball sooner or later will leak, but good products and design can make the leakage is very slow." Temple No. two, because the function is provided with an observation window, need to switch doors and other components, which are easy to cause leakage. According to the structural characteristics of the designer designed a variety of safe and reliable sealing structure. Sealing structure of the most critical is the sealing ring, the general sealing ring are aging problems, not to mention the temperature changes in space more intense. Designers began to study from the formula, and then to the structure of the sealing ring, sealing structure design, and finally achieved success. In the film, when a large set of large equipment failure, the technical staff, like the plug U disk, quickly pull off the damaged parts, insert a new component, the device immediately returned to normal. This cool)相关的主题文章: