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Tighter regulation of investment capital to highlight the value of thick Yi – sail Beijing Beijing in September 8, the last two months, the Shanghai index of repeated shocks in between 3000-3100, the volume also repeatedly breaking lows, some investors are hesitant; but at this time, a group of people has been keen to capture market opportunities. And has plans to set up a private equity fund into battle. Yang Bingsong, known as "K king" of the title, had planned in 2014 to recall Orient Guest House the board’s motion, prompted the company to standardize the governance structure; at present, Yang Bingsong has led the establishment of Beijing thick Yi Capital Management Limited (hereinafter referred to as: thick, thick Yi Yi capital) capital is a focus on the secondary market, two the level of the market, a semi market investment value of professional investment Financial Services Company, integrated financial services group is committed to creating innovative, but also is a provider of Internet financial enterprises, financial innovators in the whole industry chain Chinese unique solutions. At present, the capital’s thick Yi has gathered a number of master, including the original Chinese fund fund manager Hu Yuquan; in addition, the first fund products will be issued. According to Yang Bingsong’s plan, the future will be more than 5 billion yuan capital management. In the thick Yi capital private equity fund products be issued on the occasion, the reporter interviewed on the two soul of capital — Yang Yi thick Bingsong and Hu Yuquan, they are on the advantages of capital, thick Yi investment concept and development planning for the interpretation. Star fund manager Yang Bingsong led the thick Yi capital at present, is thick Yi capital founding partner, general manager and chief investment officer, he has nearly 20 years engaged in Securities and futures investment experience, worked in Jingu securities, Minsheng securities, Changjiang Securities, etc.; through three bull and bear market conversion, create a "market timing system the clock + configuration + investment industry growth type selection model + super technical trading system". In addition, Yang Bingsong is also known as the "king of K", good strategy and comprehensive trading side, original stock investment acceleration theory of harmonious wave theory; asset management has rich operating experience and firm; management of public fund and special products, with capital investment management experience in the last three years, mainly engaged in absolute return of investment management. Thick Yi capital fund manager is Hu Yuquan, which has a master’s degree in economics, 17 years experience in securities; former Limited by Share Ltd mergers and acquisitions Department of Guotai Junan Securities Business Director, Beijing and Jun venture investment banking department deputy general manager, fund manager of Chinese fund management company limited, the East China Sea fund management company limited investment account director; the management of public funds and special products, with large capital investment management experience. In Yang Bingsong’s view, the talent capital of the thick Yi for its construction than the competitive advantage of the industry. First of all, our team’s strong stock picking ability; secondly, the ability to judge the market trend is relatively strong, several times before the volatility in the stock market we are ahead of time to forecast." In addition, Yang Bingsong believes that the thick Yi capital combination of the team is better, including both the background of the public fund also has a private base.相关的主题文章: