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Travel-and-Leisure Flying for your first time can be a very unnerving and worrying process, especially since there is so many different thing that have to be done before you’re allowed to get on the plane. Follow these handy hints and you’ll be able to enjoy your first flight. First things first, it doesn’t hurt by explaining to everyone along the way that this is your first flight and that you are a little worried and may need help through the process. All people associated with the airport will endeavour to help you, doing their best to tell you exactly what you need to do to make your first intercontinental flights from San Jose to Paris or domestic flights from San Diego to New York so first things first you need to get to the airport. Some cities have more than one airport, so be sure to head for the right one as they are often very far apart and you need to be an the correct airport with plenty of time to spare. For domestic flights you need to be at the airport at least one hour before the flight is scheduled to leave. I generally find that this cuts it a bit close and that you should instead endeavour to get to the airport at least one hour and a half before your flight leaves. On international flights from Miami to San Juan for example you should be careful to leave even more time. So once you arrive at the airport, if you have luggage you will need to check that in. Make sure that the luggage is below the weight allowance for the airline and find the place where you need to check in. Then check your bags in, go through security, and head to your gate and onto the plane. Simple! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: