Too miserable Japanese man selling domestic NES copycat machine was arrested lara fabian

Too miserable Japanese man selling domestic NES copycat piracy DVD seen brutally arrested in China to play pirated games read pirated books is not what the black history, but the growth of 80 after 90 in the memory of an important part, then the class buy NES are basically copycat products, to do is learn Cassidy this machine is made, or copycat NES but do very well as genuine, as for game cartridges also basically is pirated, I have a genuine tank because solid shell cassette is too simple for piracy despise buddy. Nintendo launched the Mini version of FC although the console technology has evolved to a high stage, but still occasionally use the simulator to play NES classic, but recently a Japanese brother, because sales in Japan Chinese production NES copycat by the police uncle arrested. The red and white machine cassette substrate when domestic copycat machine domestic roadside domestic copycat domestic sales of Japanese men copycat Japanese man sales man on the sales in Japan are selling dozens of one even on a lily, but actually inside the game may have ten left and right, the rest is a change the name of the game, or directly with the invincible buff game. For example, contra I once bought a 60 in 1 all contra game cartridges, there is up with shotguns, come up with 30 lives and one is up and you are invincible state………… Now there are some shops to buy Taobao PSV or PSP which is actually copycat handheld NES games, it is also has Chinese characteristics of psp. This China production and sell copycat NES handheld in Japan in a 43 year old Japanese Tokyo, and built 600 kinds of FC version of the game, the result was arrested by the police, the uncle had been admitted in Japan sold more than and 100 such Chinese produced copycat handheld, every price is 3000 yen, and before Nintendo official the built-in 30 kinds of classic game FC Mini replica is more than 9 thousand yen, although the price is high but it is a copycat machine, but also sell resignedness Japanese tort. A treasure to welcome you (source: ACGDog editor: WB) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: