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UnCategorized If you have an informational site that doesn’t sell anything at all and its not your mission to earn any revenue form your site, you still need to get the site designed keeping your visitors in mind. We often see site owners developing sites without doing any actual planning. We always should plan for success and avoid the mistakes when develop our sites so that the site can meet its objective. Below are few mistakes to avoid. Poor site navigation: If you have a lot of content on the site and want your visitors to browse though the site to find other helpful inner pages, then you need to use a proper site navigation that is visible, simple, yet user friendly. Not being able to identify your site objective: Every site should have it own objective. No one can develop a successful site without knowing what the site in question should deliver. If you are selling a product or service or example, then you need to analyze the market you cater to and learn the user behavior. If your objective is to sell, then you need to develop a site in a way where your visitors will visit your site and will be interested enough in making a purchase. Not having any call for action: Having a good design and well written content is not enough. If you don’t have proper call for action, your visitors will not be able to click on the purchase links. Make sure buy now or click here links are visible and above the fold. Keyword research: Lot of beginners .e up with an idea of a site and just do it. They often do not go through the route of analyzing the niche and doing a proper keyword research. It is important to know your niche and what people search for to visit a site like yours. A proper keyword research can unveil the pot of gold and can offer you the keywords that you need to implement within your site content. Designing a site not keeping search engines in mind: Your site needs to be designed keeping not only visitors but also search engines in mind. You should keep in mind that search engines can only read text so if you have only images or videos on your site, it will not be very search engine friendly. If the search engines don’t find enough text content on the site, it cannot rank you high for any search terms. Poor choice of font and colors: Lot of people get overboard when designing sites where they use fancy fonts and funny text colors. We see a lot of animations on some sites as well. If the site is not pleasant for human eyes, then your visitors will not stay on the site long enough to make a purchase. You do not want people to looks at your site design; you need them to make a purchase. A website is not just there to sit somewhere on a lonely corner of the cyber space and look pretty, it actually should get steady flow of visitors. In some cases, converting visitors that purchase the products the site sells or follow the affiliate link to make purchases later on from the affiliate site. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: