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To modern: the great transformation of Chinese civilization – Gansu channel — original title: Modernity: the great transformation of Chinese civilization (people of People’s Republic of China) will usher in 67 birthday. In the past 67 years, we have made many achievements. If these achievements are focused on one thing, it is the success of the modern transformation of Chinese civilization. The modern transformation of Chinese civilization began in the middle of the two Opium War and the great impact of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in the middle of the nineteenth Century. For a long period of time, we have not been able to figure out the fundamental problems of what is modern and how to transform. From the Opium War to the founding of new China, the Chinese people have gone through a century of struggle, but the effectiveness of modernization is still limited. The great transformation of the Chinese civilization to the modern era was a real journey on the back of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. After 67 years of struggle, we have never been close to the "two years" and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation one hundred. A strong economic, political, cultural and social harmony of the socialist modernization of power, has become increasingly clear in the eyes of the world. The modern transformation of Chinese civilization has made great achievements in the past 67 years, the transformation of Chinese civilization embodies the traditional unified country successfully reengineering and rebirth, the traditional spirit of Chinese Traditional Virtues — continuation and sublimation of the new economic foundation of the traditional country won the fate of the community has a strong vitality. What is a modern state? In modern times, people according to the ideas from the west, or the establishment of a single nation as a symbol of the modern state, or the establishment of federal and local autonomy system as a symbol of the modern country, and will establish a universal suffrage parliamentary party system, multi-party system as a symbol of modern countries. Although these understandings are different, they are basically from the political system to understand the modern state. After the founding of the people’s Republic of China, we take the guarantee of the rights and powers of all the people, and establish the dominant position of the people as the basic features of the modern state. Thus, our nation has become the objective reality that the indivisible fate community based on the establishment of a unified multi-ethnic country; based on the China population particularly large, especially significant regional differences in the objective reality, the establishment of electoral democracy and deliberative democracy is the combination of China, the leadership of the Communist Party and multi-party cooperation, the combination of the central the co-ordination and play the new national system of local initiative combination, so that the people continue to broaden the channels of participation in national governance, enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the people creating history effectively, make the country truly serve the people, not for the privileged few, they are the monopoly to seek their own special interests the. This is a comprehensive transformation of the state system, the end of the country since the late Qing Dynasty, civil wars, division into endless turmoil situation, so in the new Chinese based on the realization of the unity of all ethnic groups hitherto unknown, realize the unity of hitherto unknown. What is modern value, modern culture, modern spirit? Since modern times, opinions vary. Some people think that to comply with and dedicated labor occupation)相关的主题文章: