Two cousins love clothing theft recovery box was detained by Daye police queer as folk

Two cousins love clothing theft recovery box was detained by Daye police on 23, two do recycling old clothes business man turned to petty profits, steal love clothing ready recycling box to sell. The two men suspected of theft were Daye police administrative detention for 15 days respectively. At 9 a.m. on the morning of that day, a man came down from a dark blue van at the entrance of Daye Dongyue garden, and went straight to an old clothing recycling box at the doorway. He opened the lock of the box, took out two big bags of clothes from the box, and took out some pieces of clothes and shoes out of it. "I’m a community worker. Which unit are you in?" The behavior of men caused the attention of nearby community workers. The man argued that he was an owner of clothes recycling, commissioned by the relevant departments to recycle clothes. Exchange, the community staff found that the man said she suspected the man is a thief Its loopholes appeared one after another., then stopped, and the police man. Dongyue Road police station quickly arrived at the scene, the man and another man on the van back to the police station. The investigation, take the recycling box clothes man called Zhu, 28 years old; in the van of the man named Zhang, small Bizhumou months, two is the relationship between the cousins, are natives of Daye. It is understood that Zhu graduated from university in 2011, worked everywhere. Since no fixed work has been found this year, he and his cousin Zhang together started the old clothing recycling business. The two man was driving a van, street to buy old clothes. Zhu and Zhang to 0.2 dollars a pound recycling old clothes, sell. Zhu and Zhang noticed a love of old clothes recycling bins Dongyue garden gate, and opened the box inside the clothing to steal money. Did not expect to be seen through the alarm. For more information, please focus on WeChat subscriptions in great Huangshi

一对表兄弟盗窃回收箱爱心衣物 被大冶警方拘留23日,两名做回收旧衣物生意的男子竟然为了蝇头小利,偷拿回收箱里的爱心衣物准备去卖钱。这两名男子涉嫌盗窃被大冶警方分别行政拘留15天。当日上午9时许,大冶市东岳花园门口处,一名男子从一辆深蓝色的面包车中下来,径直走向门口处的一个旧衣物回收箱。他将箱子的锁套开,从箱子里拿出两大袋子衣服,又从里面拿了些单件衣服和鞋子出来。“我是社区工作人员,请问你是哪个单位的?”男子的行为引起了附近社区工作人员的注意。男子辩称自己是做衣物回收的个体户,受有关部门委托来回收衣物。交流当中,社区工作人员发现该男子的话漏洞百出,她怀疑男子是小偷,于是拦住男子并报警。东岳路派出所民警很快赶到现场,将男子以及面包车上的另一名男子带回派出所。经查,拿回收箱里衣物的男子叫朱某,28岁;在面包车上的男子叫张某,比朱某小几个月,两人是表兄弟关系,都是大冶本地人。据了解,朱某2011年大学毕业后,到处打工。由于没有找到固定的工作,今年以来,他和表弟张某一起做起了旧衣物回收生意。两人平日开着一辆面包车,走街串巷收购旧衣物。朱某和张某按0.2元钱一斤回收旧衣物,再卖出去。朱某和张某注意到东岳花园门口有个爱心旧衣物回收箱,便打开箱子偷里面的衣物准备卖钱。没想到被人识破报警。更多资讯请关注【大楚黄石】微信订阅号相关的主题文章: