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If you are one of those who love gardening and like to see your garden blooming with blossoms and colors throughout the year, you must have good knowledge about the seasons and the flowers that can sustain that particular season. Following few tips may help you to choose and plant the best in your garden. Of all the varieties of flowers, annual flowers are the best ones to choose as they can be grown during the different seasons. Based upon the kind of blooms you would like to see in your garden, you can choose the best for the particular season, in which you wish to plant those flowers. Make sure you plant them within the appropriate time of plantation to avoid the rot. Annual Flowers .e in three basic varieties based on the weather and soil conditions they can sustain: Hardy Annuals Half-hardy annuals Tender Annuals Let us discuss the best suited seasons for these varieties. Hardy Annuals are the fresh blooms that produce flowers in the coldest winter seasons too. These must be planted during the spring season or fall, when the weather is moderate. Keep in mind that hardy annuals do not like hot weather at all. They would die in summers. You can choose from a vast range of: Calendula Foxglove Viola, Sweet alyssum, Stocks, Cornflowers, Pansy, Larkspur Dianthus cultivars Half-hardy Annuals love damp cold weather, but go gloomy and begin to die in harsh colds. These must be planted three weeks after spring is over. Unlike other annuals, half-hardy can also bear summers. They might droop a little as the season goes off, but do not lose heart, they would bloom back to their glory in the later summer months. Half-hardy annuals can be chosen from: Torenia, Snow-on-the-mountain, Blue sage, Strawflower, Baby’s breath, Candytuft, Bells of Ireland, Celoma, Love-in-a-mist Forget-me-nots. Tender Annuals are not at all .fortable in cold winter months. They like the warmth of the weather hence can be seen blooming to their best in late spring and warm months of summers. Ideal time to sow these annuals is three weeks after spring frost. Tender annuals can be chosen from: Scarlet Sage Morning Glory Petunias Begonias Celosia Balsam Nasturtium Verbena Flowers when taken care of properly and given the appropriate conditions make the best of friends in their different colors and calming fragrances. Flower gardening when ac.panied by soothing music and a smile on the face be.es much easier and rewarding too. Studies have proven that plants and flowers love music and respond to it too. Also, make sure you talk to your flowers often as they do understand the language of .passion and grow to their best when they are loved. Happy flower gardening. 相关的主题文章: