U.S. media China installed hundreds of straight -10 each continental group will be equipped cosmax

U.S. media: China fielded hundreds of aircraft straight -10 each liuhangtuan will be equipped according to the American strategy page website reported on October 4th, Chinese has fielded more than 100 aircraft WZ -10 helicopter gunships, and said the army Army aviation brigade will be equipped with all WZ -10. This is in order to make the air force to accumulate more experience in the actual operation of the armed helicopter, and to the military that, Wu straight -10 finally came. China plans to eventually let the PLA army equipped with 3000 modern helicopters, of which more than 500 are Wu straight -10. Reported that the China Army garrison in different weather conditions and terrain, from the north to the south of the desert tropical rainforest to dry and high altitude environment in Tibet. Let all of these different environments in the army air force can use the direct -10, can be found early this helicopter advantages and disadvantages, and make the necessary amendments, especially for export. Reported that the WZ -10 equipped with a 1 cannon (23 to 30 mm), weapon rack mount 4 mounted missile pylon, capable of carrying 16 red arrow -10 laser guided missile (with American AGM-114 Hellfire anti tank missiles at the same level), or more non guided rocket. Like most Chinese weapons, the -10 is competitive in terms of price, usually with less than $20 million in exports. Reported that Pakistan has 3 straight -10 for evaluation, China needs to find an export customer for the straight -10. However, it faces competition from the T-129 in Turkey, although China has told Pakistan that they can retain the 3 direct -10 for evaluation if the order is placed.相关的主题文章: