U.S. media said Russia would like to see the aircraft engine difficult to imitate continue to import midd-885

U.S. media said that Russia imported aviation engine difficult to copy data to Chinese: Air Force bombers -6K aircraft to participate in offshore training reference news network October 30 news media said, China continue to rely heavily on Russia in the field of aviation engine. Some analysts believe that the development of aviation engine Chinese but as a strategic partner said of an aged person, Russia will not provide any help, Russia would like to see more China to moscow. Although China Russia relations are getting closer, China still can not get the cutting-edge technology from Russia as India. China to purchase 200 engine VOA radio website said in October 27th, a number of Russian media recently reported that Russia has just signed a new China a sum of about $1 billion, for a period of 3 years of aviation engine procurement contract, involving the purchase of Russia’s AL-31 and D-30 of two different types of engines, each engine purchase amount is about 100 taiwan. Reported that the AL-31 engine has a variety of improved upgrade models. China from Russia to buy Su -27 and Su -30 fighter, as well as China on the basis of the imitation of several other major fighters are using this engine. D-30 engine will be equipped with a large number of Chinese media reported in the bombing of the -6K bomber and -20 transport aircraft. Some Russian military experts say, from the Chinese procurement scale can be inferred from the analysis engine number Chinese production equipment of bombers, transport aircraft and other aircraft, and some of the air force in the future development direction of China. China has not yet learned to produce excellent engine reported that China is also in the development and production of aircraft engines. Chinese officials are trying to change the weak situation in the field of aero-engine. Analysts say Chinese obviously encounter difficulties in development of aero engine, or Chinese their production engine was not in terms of reliability and quality, can not reach the level of a Russian engine, so they continue to buy engine from Russia, although paragraph two of the purchase Chinese engine is not Russia’s most advanced engine. Pia Tu J Kim, a Russian military scholar, said that China’s military industry has developed rapidly over the years, but China has not yet learned to make good and reliable aircraft engines. Pia Tu J Kim: "Chinese had learned to develop production of missiles, wide body aircraft, and other aircraft, but now it seems China in the engine is still no significant progress, which could explain why Chinese signed a purchase contract of the new engine. Obviously, if China has the ability to produce engines, China will not buy the Russian engine." Don’t ask Chinese that analysts say Chinese increasingly close relations with Russia, but Chinese encounter difficulties in engine development, Russia will not help, but not the engine technology transfer to China. Reported that China and Russia over the years have often talked about cooperation in the field of engine development, but the two sides said much, and there is no specific practical results. Some scholars said the issue of arms, Russia is afraid that China will not have to master the engine technology in Russia, China’s export fighter jets will snatch the Russian market. Reported that between China with Russia and also wary of suspicion.相关的主题文章: