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U.S. media watch Chinese Webcast: the birth of grassroots anchor most monthly income of only thousands — Beijing Reference News Network October 15th U.S. media reported that last week, the Chongqing area of a young male anchor in order to make the network more popular live more "powder", the Hornets were adventure sting coma, after being sent to hospital. The name of Jiang Bo is not anchor in online "limelight" of the first person. In fact, in order to catch cool Hyun attract eyeball, live broadcast network can be described as fair. The official said China, strange and eccentric content to more than 700 million Internet users in nearly half of China become webcast user. However, data show that although the broadcast network platform has a huge user base, but almost no profit; some years into the network anchor can be as high as tens of millions, but the majority of only a few thousand yuan monthly income of anchor. According to voice of America website reported on October 13th, for China why "national live" this phenomenon, a visiting fellow at the Hudson Institute Dr. Han Lianchao said, the trend from the point of view, the development of human civilization and science and technology is to take the original resources controlled by a few people, wealth, information, discourse and so on gradually democratization, popular. Therefore, this phenomenon is also a normal broadcast, is an open source information process. This process conforms to the operation of China’s economy, and also conforms to the character of the Chinese people. Han Lianchao said, the overall income of the web has reached 55 billion, some red net has annual revenues of over 10 million, but this is only a small part of most people’s income is not enough to maintain their livelihood. Shanghai statistics, there are currently certified network anchor 450 thousand people, most of the users are concerned about just one of the 40 thousand. Only a few people can succeed. For the business logic of the broadcast, independent commentators Wen Yunchao believes that the live video to achieve a rapid production of content, producers and audience to establish direct contact, but also can realize profits through a reward ", the realization of investment. There is no doubt that economic returns are an important driving force for the phenomenon of universal live. With the rapid realization of video broadcast function, which is a reward function, let the popular anchor can gain rapid, has also attracted the rapid influx of venture capital. China’s Internet users base is too large, when the economy is depressed, these people’s daily entertainment will naturally choose low-cost video broadcast. Han Lianchao pointed out that China’s young people’s entertainment model and information consumption patterns have changed, live users are mostly young people. Live anchor mainly in the majority of highly educated women. Traditional television broadcasting has been slowly declining, the main consumption of the elderly in this level. Reported that the network due to the threshold is very low, resulting in uneven quality, but there are still some content is of high quality. Han Lianchao believes that the form of live broadcast created a group of grassroots anchors, so many people have the opportunity to rise.相关的主题文章: