Ugg gradual loss of heat single product growth slowed into the battle of trademark rights sexinse

UGG gradually lose heat single product slowdown into the right to use the trademark battle to open stores and expand the category did not work after the explosion of UGG problem paragraph era with the cold weather, the mall began on the shelves of winter boots. Different from the explosion and fire state a few years ago, ugg boots brand UGG performance from North America was cold. Poor sales led to the parent company’s brand revenue fell more than two digits. Although the company did not disclose the specific performance of China, but as the most important market for UGG, there are sales staff to reflect, in 2015 to accelerate the expansion of stores and product diversification attempts have little effect. In order to comfort to win the market, how to develop long-lasting consumer power, is the industry’s focus on UGG. UGG single product slowdown and "Crocs" similar to Crocs, depending on the star effect and fashion popular brand in the UGG suffered a burst of fire after the winter. Recently, UGG parent company outdoor sports apparel company Deckers released in 2017 first quarter earnings report, all of its brand sales were down two digits. Overall sales of 174 million euros, compared to the same period last year, the euro of 214 million, down by $78 million 300 thousand, operating loss of $18.4%, compared to $63 million 700 thousand a year earlier, the loss rate has increased. As a flagship Deckers brand performance UGG sales of $91 million 900 thousand, compared with $115 million in the same period last year fell by nearly $20%. Last year, UGG’s parent company’s profit also fell sharply, which is closely related to the slowdown in UGG growth. In the case of the development of other brands, the annual revenue of UGG last year was only 2.1%, it is difficult to pull the group’s performance growth. Will focus on the eyes of the Chinese market, UGG has lost its brilliance in the past. Beijing Daily reporter visited Beijing several UGG outlets stores found that although the store has a number of guests linger pick, but scanty actual purchase UGG boots of the guests. Snow boots and UGG, these two concepts are not synchronized to consumers. Before 2008 China entered the market, UGG copycat goods already can be found everywhere." Clothing industry analyst Zhao Peiru is said. In fact, UGG does not refer to a particular brand of boots in Australia, it is actually sheepskin boots collectively. The UGG as a representative of the snow boots brand, after entering China, has been sought after by young consumers. "Just like buying a pair of sneakers, you want to buy a Nike, and a pair of UGG boots comes from the same consumer psychology. But unlike sports shoes, UGG’s style is very similar, it is difficult to buy a pair of shoes after the desire to buy second pairs." Consumers have to Beijing Daily reporter said. Second spring layout touches the trademark war as the main producer of UGG products, China is becoming the top priority of the UGG layout. In order to curry favor with consumers, in 2013 began UGG has been the production of specific products for the Chinese market, which is no other market has been treated. Among them, the number of stores to open相关的主题文章: