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Home-and-Family Wedding orchids are the epitome of love. It symbolizes exclusive refinement, unusual beauty and unique affection that define the bride’s womanhood and feminine side of life. Its popularity as a flimsy, tough to handle flower established its prominence as the best beautiful wedding flower in the whole world. Its exoticness .pliments its near perfected bloom. The elegance and rarity it conveys bring out the message that the union of two people are done in grace unmatched by anything you could ever dreamed of. This is the best occasion where orchids can stand out from the rest. Surely, a wedding party can look colorful and charming with orchids. There are five top main species of orchids being used in a wedding: 1) Cymbidium 2) Phalaenopsis 3) Vanda 4) Dendrobium 5) Cattleya. Cymbidium orchids are the most expensive flowers in the orchid family and are perfect for a lush and extravagant wedding event. It imparts a touch of popularity for the elite and it makes a dazzling corsage or boutonniere that is tough enough to last after the wedding day. Phalaenopsis orchids or moth orchids has striking elegance and beauty. It is the predominant flower in almost all wedding arrangement and can be used as a bouquet, cake decoration, buttonholes and centerpieces. Vanda orchids bloom six to eight flowers per stem. Its petal has a marbled appearance with wide choice of shades and spots. It is the world’s most beautiful orchids that can provide a stunning display of appearance during wedding day. Dendrobium orchids’ toned lavender attaches a spectacular hue to the wedding flower arrangement. Its color represents timeless trend and tradition. Cattleya orchids have exquisite appearance that boast a vast range of attractive shapes, colors and sizes. Due to its popularity it is even included in work paintings, has represented a country, and a picture perfect if matched with presents and gifts. Wedding orchids are most amazing in beach themed wedding. Their fragrance and wild appearance makes their astounding features noticeable in sand, surf and tropical wedding rituals. Flawless when decorated on reception tables and buffet accents, its stunning look can be appreciated more if seashells and halved coconut vases are included as decoration. Wedding orchids are great especially if festooned around wedding arches, arbors and pedestals in contrast with dark green scenery. If placed in between the section where a bride and a groom will exchange vows, it will add up to the drama and hype of an inspired marital event. In buying wedding orchids, choose a specie specific to the season and motif in relation to the wedding ceremony to be held. Consider colors that are unusual then visit orchid nurseries, which specialize to the specific specie you have chosen. You could buy from a flower .pany online. Avoid nurseries that did not grow their plants onsite. They might cause shipment delays because of too many handlers. Delivery options are available depending on specific event. Find a merchant who can provide you orchids according to your needs and buy them in bunches. Buying an orchid corsage for the mother-in-law will leave a lasting impression. The best orchid flower wedding arrangement can be achieved if best varieties are .bined such as Cymbidium, Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium. It is believed that such arrangement brings wealth, affection and splendor to whatever surroundings they are placed. You only need a vase, orchids according to your own choosing and water. Stems should be cut according to the vase’s height. Small green leaves can be added to each side to emphasize botanical appearance. Pour the water into the vase keeping in mind that it will not spill if you put the stems and green leaves into the base. The water must fill the vase. Wedding orchids can cost an average of $700.00 that includes bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and flower girls’ flowers. Bride bouquets can cost $50.00 to $150.00 or more depending on the rarity of the orchids. Bridesmaid’s bouquets can cost $20.00 to $50.00 cheaper and boutonnieres $10.00 each. Buying flowers online are much cheaper. Trimming and arranging it by your self saves you a lot more. You could request a test bunch of orchid flowers before purchasing. Remember you can get a large discount if you buy orchids on in-season. Allow the florist the freedom to choose the blooms that are cheapest for the month. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: